We're both graduated in Sociocultural Community Development and have been working together with children and young people through Arts & Education.

Miguel is a music composer, developing songs that go from orchestral to meditation. He also has a certificate diploma in music therapy and loves working with communities, introducing music as a tool to develop skills, improve relationships and mindfulness.

Patricia is an alternative/holistic therapist, working trough yoga, energy healing, chakra therapy and reiki. She's also a contemporary dancer, developing sessions with yoga and dance for children. She is passionate about improving health in people - mind, body and soul.


Some of the things we do:

~ Therapy through Arts
~ Holistic Therapies (body, mind, soul): Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness
~ Childcare, Social and Cultural Projects + Community Development
~ Animal Care and Nature Activities
~ Environmental Education, Recycling and Sustainability, Conscious Lifestyle
~ Improve Social skills and Emotional Behaviors


We also work as content creators/storytellers:

~ Photography (product, lifestyle, travel,...)
~ Video and Music
~ Writing (creative, story telling, social media posts,...)


We work all over the world - with individuals, groups or communities - and we love to connect with people. (You can also check our workaway profile here)
If you have a social project, community organization, holistic school, or similar, and would like to have us working with your community, feel free to drop us a message