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Hello Patricia and Miguel!!
I am loving your presets so much, I can’t wait to start posting some photos edited with them. I love the effect the presets have on my photos, they enhance them so well! The colours look amazing and they have such a dreamy look! Thank you guys so much!


I met this travel couple in Bali and was so impressed by the passion they have for their photography! It really got me interested in improving my own photos, so I decided to purchase the presets and wow was I impressed. The presets are perfect for the photos that I have and it really does take the quality to another level! Thank you guys :)


Beautiful presets!
Thank you!


I love photograph, but I don't like edition that much. It's really hard to find presets that fit all your photos, and I'm so happy that I finally found yours! Every preset is better than the previous one, and I love to use them especially while traveling, as all I need to do is one click! Thanks for creating these presets collections guys.

This was our first preset pack ever, and we couldn't enjoy these more. We love the smooth and warm colours, the pics always look brighter and more cozy and just pretty. Thank you so much for creating Patricia and Miguel!


Your feed breathes in calmness and breathes out love (to quote on of your captions) and that love is so infectious it inspires everyone to spread the light that you radiate and use love as our religion. To recreate the warmth and compassion that you emit through your feed is something that we as admirers dream about but your presets have given us the opportunity to breathe out your love and light in different ways on our own feeds and it is an absolute pleasure to do so!


These presets are great, beautiful colors and so easy to use! They give a wonderful look to the pictures. I totally recommend them to improve the quality and feel of your Instagram profile. So worthy! Thank you!


Hi you guys!!!
Absolutely in LOVE with your presets... We already have Earth, Human and Mobile Presets.


Just bought the brand new “Earth” collection of presets and I’m obsessed! They make any picture look fresh out of a magazine. Thank you again!


Freeoversea presets are a great help for those who don't want to spend much time editing their photographs, but also for people that really want to take their photos to a maximum quality.
I'm super happy with every single filter and the way they make my photos look so good! Really love everything you're creating. Keep it up!


Your presets really take my photos to the next level! They look brighter, with more definition and great colours. Thanks for creating amazing filters guys!


I found Patricia and Miguel Instagram when they came to Madeira, and I was immediately surrendered! They're not just another travel couple, they photograph with soul, chemistry, love.. that kind of photos that you think "OMG I want to photograph like them!"
I got in touch to congratulate and welcome them to the island where I live, they were super accessible and friendly! As I also like photography, I asked how they edit their photos and they explained me about the presets! LUCKY ME, the presets were on sale at that time! No doubt my photos have gone so much better and it has become an addiction to use their presets!
Thank you for your sympathy, simplicity and kindness. Congratulations on being who you are! Keep showing that love in your phots, and above all: be happy!


The presets I purchased from Patricia and Miguel have taken my Instagram to the next level. They were really lovely in helping me decide which presets to buy and I can now edit my images to a super high quality in a short space of time. I would highly recommend their Lightroom presets to anyone and everyone. Whether you enjoy taking photos of your holidays or if you are traveling the world, they will provide you with a high quality end product. Thanks guys!


I got the Interrail Collection for Mobile and really liked it! All I have to do is one click and my photos get better and better. Great presets, amazing people, what else can we ask for?!