As we travel our planet, we become more aware of the impacts that tourism brings to certain natural areas and local communities..
spreads global awareness, empowering people to truly connect, find their purpose and have positive impacts on the world

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travelling awakens us to the real world

it gives us the possibility to
explore the surroundings
and look at our true self
finding the light within
respecting every living being


what we stand for


nature . sustainability . essence

In some of the less developed places on the planet, organizations use tourism activities as their main source of income, which negatively affects the environment.
We are Earth ambassadors - lovers of people, nature and animals. From the smallest drop of water in the ocean to the greatest tree in the forest, we believe that the impact we have on issues such as pollution and extinction of species can be minimized through our daily actions.
We love participating in eco-friendly initiatives and sponsoring brands that live in harmony with the planet.


community . fair trade . consciousness

We believe that every human has the right to live in a safe and healthy environment, and that’ why we promote ethical brands and conscious alternatives, sharing beautiful projects and creating real connections around the world.
As buyers, consumers and humans, we support and promote environmentally friendly products and tell stories of brands that create essential living conditions & pay fair wages to their workers. We also give preference to local artisans, community projects and all those who have a positive impact on our planet and ourselves.


symbiosis . ethical . life

Most touristy activities that involve animals also include horrific animal abuses. As part of a culture and religion, we understand that certain communities are still using animals for their own benefit and profit. From the pets we have in our homes to the wildlife we find out there, we believe that every living creature is unique, and should be free. We promote ethical alternatives in the animal tourism industry, by connecting to conscious projects and telling stories of people who have real connections with their animals. We value relationships, above all.



We work all over the world with communities, groups or individuals.
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