freeoversea mission & ethics

our mission

We created Freeoversea to share our passions and inspire people to live fully and truly - do what you love, follow your dreams, be happy.
This project was born during a period of self-reflection, where we realized that wherever we are, that place can be 'home', we just have to live in the sunshine. So when the sun is not shining out there, you have to create a sunshine mindset. Or just travel the world until you find it!
Freeoversea is an online destination for the beautiful beings and true souls that love people and animals, sunrises and sunsets, plants and fruits, nature and yoga, travel and adventures, music and arts, and everything that gives a touch of happiness to our planet and ourselves.

We're Following our hearts to #FINDHOMEONEARTH


our ethics

Traveling awakens us to the real world. It allows us to explore the surroundings. And makes us look inside. Finding the light within. Respecting every living being.

Traveling makes us more aware of the impacts that tourism brings to certain natural areas and local communities. We are all about positive impact, and that's why Freeoversea was created. It focus on the positive and promotes conscious and ethical choices for consumers, travelers and lovers of life.


In some of the less developed places on the planet, organizations use tourism activities as their main source of income, which negatively affects the environment and local communities. We believe that every human has the right to live in a safe and healthy environment. We like to promote ecotourism alternatives where we can learn, share and immerse ourselves in beautiful experiences. We collaborate with eco-friendly hotels, sustainable tours and conscious experiences/retreats, sharing beautiful projects and creating real connections around the world.

ethical ANIMAL tourism

As part of a culture, religion and lifestyle, we understand that certain communities use animals for their own benefit and profit. But as advocates of conscious and vegan life, we do not support this as a touristic activity or way of income. We believe that every living creature is unique and that we do not need to use them for our own benefit. We promote ethical alternatives in the animal tourism industry, by connecting to conscious project and telling stories of people who have real connections with their animals.


We are lovers of people, of animals, of nature. We like to give and to receive, and to learn with different communities. One of the experiences that we value most is to go somewhere different and immerse ourselves in its culture, to understand its values, and to leave a little of us wherever we go. We stay at home with people who share our values, organizations that need help, and projects that touch our hearts. We believe in collaboration, rather than competition. And most important, we've experienced that the most beautiful way to grow is together.

freeoversea ethics


We love fashion, but we love people more. As buyers, consumers and humans, we do not support brands or projects that are not ethical or that exploit their workers. We promote environmentally friendly products and tell stories of brands that create essential living conditions and pay fair wages to their artisans. We also give preference to local artisans, community projects and all those who have a positive impact on our planet & ourselves. We believe that fashion must be a form of expression that should not oppress anyone's life or rights. It should be free, ethical, and happy, for all.



We work all over the world with communities, groups or individuals. If you have a project/brand and would like to work together, please email us at