LESSON 3 - honor yourself


What are your core values?

Don’t worry if you can’t answer this question now (most people don’t really know their values. It is not an easy question. There is no right or wrong answer. And only those who enter the journey of the self will be able to find what is truly important in their lives.

Values are not only part of our Vitals, they are part of us, of who we really are. They highlight what we stand for, and represent our unique, individual essence. Most of us don’t really know our values. We focus on society/culture/media values and we don’t really understand what’s important to us. It is easy to think about what you should value, but knowing and accepting what you really value takes a lot of effort, honesty and bravery.

Depending on whether we act against or with our values, we may change the outcome of certain situations. Remember the “change behaviors - change results” chapter in lesson 1? Values guide our behaviors. We act in a certain way depending on what we think to be true, fair, and what we believe in. When we honor our personal core values consistently, we experience fulfillment - the more you honor your values the better you feel about yourself (and those you love). When you live in alignment with your values, you have successful results and happy outcomes, becoming who you truly are.


the importance of honoring your values

Core values are our fundamental driving forces. If experiences shape who we are, values specify how we act. Identifying our personal core values is a challenging process, but when we do it, we adopt good habits and are able to make better choices, listening to our own heart, stopping to put others down to uplift ourselves.

Imagine a person whose security is one of his values. There’s an offer for his dream job: being a chef for a large group of people, with a high salary, immediate entry and a 5-year contract, but there’s one thing.. this group of people he is going to cook for is in an hostile environment, a country of war and insecurity. Should he accept the job? And if he does, is that really his dream job?

Knowing your values will give you great clarity and focus, but knowing is not enough - you have to practice it! When you use that clarity to make consistent decisions and act, you improve the results you get in those areas that are truly important to you (personal relationships, social life, professional career, finances). Values are priorities that tell you how you should spend your time to be truly happy, right here, right now.

Why are priorities so important for our lives and why should we really honor our values? Well, two things..

Time does not renew itself, it is our most limited resource. Once you spend a day, that’s it. You will never have it back. It is gone forever. If you waste your days by investing time in actions that doesn’t really produce the results you want, that’s not a really successful day, and it is lost forever. We might not know the future, but at least here on earth, we appear to be mortal and we do not have infinite time. So, if we value our mortal lives, we have to invest them the best we can, and knowing our values will be a great benefit to do it.

Humans tend to be inconsistent in how their time and energy are invested. One day you wake up early, exercise and work productively, the next day you sleep until noon, order unhealthy food and stay on the couch all day. If we don’t consciously user our priorities (values) to act accordingly to what’s really important to us, we drift off course and shift all over the place, which leads to poor results and unhappy outcomes.


how to achieve success, fulfillment, and happiness

Core values help you to find clarity, make decisions, and take actions that serve your purpose; manage personal and professional relationships; develop a sense of self and clarify who you really are. The journey of the self would not be productive without looking at the core of our being. And when we look closer, there’s always one thing we notice first: what is truly important and meaningful to us.

Here are five simple steps you can start now to reach your full potential and achieve happiness:

define the best version of yourself: be the best person you can be - what is that thing you always wanted to accomplish? Is there any way you can improve, such as being kinder or more active? What aspects of yourself could you work on?

set goals for yourself: one of the most important parts of achieving success - goals come first, and then values can be adapted to fit those goals. Do not try to do the opposite. Don't try to set your goals based only on your own values, because if you do that, you may be limiting your potential and confining your life.

accept changes as they happen: or make them happen - remember you are engaging in a process, so it is important to be open and adapt to new circumstances. If you become stuck in your way, your personal development will stagnate, so focus on the things you can really influence.

take charge of your life: be the one in charge of your life - do not take excuses or blame others for what’s happening in your life or for your failures/success. Take responsibility for yourself and do not allow others to dictate the standards for you to live by.

live in the present: it is all you have - the past is a memory of what happened and the future is a prediction of what may happen. The only moment that you have any control over is the present one. Happiness doesn’t exist in the past or the future, it is a constant choice, and it only exists in the now.

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Now that you know your core values, you have explored another layer of yourself. But the real power is unlocked when you realize that your values are not you! Your values tell you where you are currently heading to, but it doesn’t mean that’s where you continue to go. We are constantly changing, and our values change with us.

If you can’t focus your energy on the goals that are important to you, some of them will slip away. You may succeed in your marriage but never have the career of your dreams. Or you may have a great career but never enjoy a state of pure health. Think about some meaningful goals you have already achieved - for some period of time achieving that goal became your top priority, right? And in this process, you shifted your values to accommodate that goal, (probably unconsciously, but you did).

Remember that everything changes. Whenever you achieve a great goal, that’s a good time to select a new goal and update your values. Perhaps some of your values will be the same throughout your entire life, but the order of importance in which they appear can always change, and your life changes with that.


Congratulations! You completed Module I.

Take as long as you need to recognize the work you’ve been doing on yourself and where this journey is taking you, observe the changes that are already happening in your life, and whenever you feel comfortable..

Get ready to jump in Module II, where you will learn everything about your mind and how to use it to reach your full potential.