LESSON 2 - biography becomes biology

No matter philosophy, psychology, religion, culture or faith, we all have one thing in common - one universal truth: the human being needs interactions.
We need to socialize, relate and connect with others and the world around us. When we don't have these relations, we stagnate, regress, depress. Everything that is alive pulsates energy. You can call it the science of atoms, the faith in god, the singular mother nature or the power of the universe. It doesn’t really matter concepts or religions here, remember we are not trying to change your faith, not even working on it, we are just discovering and recreating the self).

It is important to understand that everything around us pulsates energy and contains information, as we are constantly communicating, exchanging and receiving messages. Past experiences, thoughts, social environment, family, traditions, culture.. it all influences who you are today. These are the things that don’t entirely depend on you, that you didn’t even noticed you were being affected by - you acquire them throughout your growth, throughout your entire life. So, how to know what have been affecting yourself and shaping who you are today? Look at your emotions!


Experiences shape who we are

Experiences that carry emotional energy in our system are the ones that truly affect us: past and present relationships, personal or professional life, profound or traumatic experiences/memories, belief patterns and attitudes. Every thought activates a physiological response - when you think about speaking under the pressure of hundreds of people, you sweat; when you think of someone important you lost, you cry; when you think of the good times you spent with your loved ones, you smile - these are all automatic reactions that trigger a physical response to a stimulus.

Every (re)action is a response to what we feel, and that’s why we see the world as we are, not as it really is. We bring our emotions to everything we do, developing patterns and opinions based on how we feel - sometimes we even disagree with someone just because that person makes us feel challenged, or we avoid going somewhere because that place makes us too nervous. With that said, it is not necessarily true that the person who disagrees from us is a bad guy, or the place we don’t want to go is a terrible place, it simply means that this person/place makes us feel in a way we don't like, or are not ready yet, to feel - we all vibrate in different frequencies, some more similar, some not at all.

Only when you bring awareness and reflect on your background and origins (your roots), you can identify the moments, people and patterns that helped shape who you are now. These permanent physical fingerprints left on you can be positive or negative, and we are not trying to focus on ones and forget the others, the idea here is to accept every single thing that influenced yourself, because in the end, you wouldn’t be the same without one of these. tool what is something that made you the person you are today?


all Emotions are essential

Your family, the environment where you grew up or the school you attended are some of the things you cannot choose or change. Some of these past experiences have had a huge impact on the formation of your being and consequences that still manifest in yourself today. Although we cannot erase or change the past, we can always heal and transform these marks to our advantage. Accepting the idea that every part of your life affects your biological makeup is essential for the healing process of transforming, changing, creating yourself.

Every action has a reaction - it generates a response and an emotion, a way of feeling. These emotions can be positive or negative. Positive emotions are pleasant responses (joy, serenity, amusement..), while negative emotions are those that we typically do not find pleasurable to experience (sadness, anger, loneliness..). Here's something that can be a bit shocking and you may be listening for the first time: all emotions are valuable and important, even the negative ones. Do not ignore sadness, anger, envy, insecurity, fear.. Do not suppress your negative emotions, do not hide them, do not even try to camouflage them or replace with something positive.

Negative thoughts and emotions can be vital clues that a health issue, relationship or other important matter needs your attention. Negative emotions are important to give us a counterpoint to positive emotions (without sadness, would happiness still feel as good?) and to encourage us to act in ways that boost our chances of survival, helping us to grow and develop as a person. Some relationships need to end to teach us to love ourselves and without fear we would accept to do everything, including what would put ourselves at unnecessary danger.

Fear protect us from danger, anger helps us fight against problems and joy reminds us of what is really important to us. So, good or bad, accept every emotion, feel whatever you need to feel, and remember that every little thing you feel is trying to tell you something - only when you realize the powerful energy of emotions and the message they deliver, you will be able to heal, let go and move on. tool?? emotions and give examples of specific event in your life where these emotions helped you?


everything is vibrating - everything is connecting 

We don’t always know why things happen as they do, and we don’t really have to know. Every choice we make, every thought and feeling we have is an act of power that has consequences - personal, social, biological, global consequences. Choice is involved in every detail of our lives and change is constant. The universe is constantly changing and what it is today is never the same tomorrow - things happen today because they have a purpose later on.

When change comes into your life, it is because a larger dynamic is moving you along - your path is being redirected. The unexpected loss of a job, an unplanned pregnancy in the family, or the prognosis of a terminal illness. These type of unwanted events produce massively positive changes because what seemed impossible before, now becomes inevitable. We develop new mechanisms, new skills, new patterns.

What are we trying to tell you here? A simple truth: a life-changing event can really turn your dreams into your reality. All things begin at the appropriate time just as all things end at the appropriate time, we might not understand it all, but believe us everything happens for a reason. When something goes wrong it is telling to appreciate what is going right, when you lose someone it is teaching you to value those you have, and when you meet new people you will either change their lives or they will change yours (sometimes both happen).

The things that happen to you are not necessarily what really shapes your life and yourself. Your true self is shaped by how you respond to these unexpected events, that’s what really defines your character and the quality of your life. We always have two options: sit in perpetual sadness or rise from the pain and pursue happiness. Sometimes we have to lose something so we can achieve something greater - new beginning always follow closures. Most of the times, negative things are not really a problem, they are often the best lessons of our lives, moments of deep learning, and opening spaces for self-development. tool??

Realizing that experiences shape who you are, all emotions are necessary, and everything is connected, are three mandatory lessons so you can continue the journey of the self. Now that you have a better understanding of your background and the “chaos” of life, you are ready to find what you really need to do so you can heal, rise, and achieve your full potential. Let’s go to lesson 3.