lightroom presets FAQ - desktop and mobile


q. what is a lightroom preset?
a. it is a one-click filter that make changes to your photos. when working in lightroom, we make specific adjustments: light, colour, tone curves, and others.
then, we save those edits as a preset, so it can be applied to our future photos, and to your images as well. presets are great for improving the look of the photos, saving time and giving a beautiful consistent look.


q. how do I receive the presets?
a. after purchasing them in our website, an email will be immediately sent to you with a download link. you will then have 24 hours to click that link and save the zip folder to your computer where you will find our presets!


q. do your presets work with jpeg files?
a. yes, our presets work with raw and jpeg images.


q. what programs do I need to use the presets?
a. for the desktop presets, you will need the desktop version of adobe lightroom cc. to use our mobile presets, all you need it the free mobile app lightroom cc.


q: how do I import the presets to my computer?
1. open lightroom and click on the lightroom tab in the upper left corner of the screen
2. click preferences
3. click presets
4. click show lightroom presets folder..
5. open the lightroom folder
6. open the develop presets folder
7. drag the preset collection zip folder into the develop presets folder
8. close lightroom
9. re open lightroom
10. select one of your images in lightroom and click the develop module
11. the presets will appear on the left
12. select the preset you wish and have fun!


q: how do I import the presets to my mobile phone?
a. after purchasing our presets, open the confirmation email on your laptop and download the files there. you will find a step by step guide with all the information you need to import the presets to your mobile, or you can also check our video in the highlight "edits" on our Instagram page.

q: what if I cannot download the presets into my laptop/phone?
a. in this case, you can send us an email or an Instagram message, and we will guide you through the installation process. refunds are not possible, as payments are managed by other platforms.


✧ for any other questions, please email us at