Cards Reading

Cards Reading


The Full Moon is the perfect time to accept who we are, let go what no longer makes sense to you and step into your full potential.

With these cards we are reading your energy. Three cards will be intuitively chosen from the deck, the first card will tell you what can no longer be hidden (what you can let go), the second card will clarify your life (where you are at the moment) and the third card will reveal what’s coming next (what this full moon will bring you).

You can choose to have your energy reading in general or in a specific area of your life: health, romance/love, relationships, professional life, family, finances, etc..

Readings allow us to see what we might be holding back or avoiding in our lives. If you are unsure about where you are on a particular issue, feelings lost or between choices, a reading can offer an impressive insight, helping you to understand a situation or telling you how to manifest your desire.

Our chakras are our centers of activity, they absorb and transmit energy. When you read your chakras, you read your Aura, the energy you have at the moment in your heart and soul, and what is necessary to do so you can find your purpose, achieve your goals or simply be healthy & happy.

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