Ubud hotels - the Adiwana journey

Ubud, the magical town of Bali, land of ancient culture, vast rice terraces and beautiful temples. From all the other cities and villages on the island, this particular one has a special place in our hearts and was our base for a couple of waterfall adventures and endless sunrise missions.

During 2 weeks, we had the opportunity to stay at some of the most incredible Ubud hotels, a journey through Adiwana properties, a leading hotel chain in Bali. Travel in Ubud couldn’t be any better, especially when you have villas with rice terraces, incredible traditional food or jungle vibes to rejoice with. We have stayed in three different properties, all unique but sharing the same values and essence, ensuring a true Balinese experience.

Adiwana Arkara

-    A boutique experience    -

Not far from Arya Villas, this incredible property sets a totally different tone. Adiwana Arkara is the boutique hotel and probably the most modern of all.

The aesthetics and design of Arkara were made to impress, but keeping the traditional vibe around, especially in its essence. It is a warm retreat that beautifully blends with the environment and Bali’s cultural heritage. The type of accommodation you will find, extends to a collection of modern villas and suites, making it a place where guests can rest, recharge and unwind from their busy lives.

We had a pleasant time there, enjoying the magnificent main pool, the comfort of our well-designed villa and enjoying their fine cuisine at Ashoka Restaurant, which we must say, has the best food from all of Adiwana Hotels.

Adiwana Arya Villas

-    A cultural journey    -

Located in a quiet area, just outside of the town center, Adiwana Arya Villas is the perfect escape for those who seek a peaceful and private stay while in Ubud. The complex is composed by many little villas and suites, that are built following the traditional Javanese house aesthetics named Gladak House, meaning “antique wooden house”.

We have split or 3 night stay between a two bedroom villa and the magnificent private house they have , where we had an incredible relaxed time, enjoying our private pool by the sun and sipping young coconuts! While in Adiwana Arya, you can have many experiences like morning yoga, cycling tours around the village or enjoying a special massage by the SPA.

Every other day of the week, they prepare a special thematic dinner, with incredible traditional Indonesian dishes, Balinese dance performances and a beautiful atmosphere all around. Adiwana Arya is the choice for those who love to experience culture and have a quiet time amongst the green surroundings.

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Adiwana Dara Ayu

-  A jungle retreat    -

Far away from the city, but close to the heart of Bali, lies the most incredible and unique resort we have ever stayed. Adiwana Dara Ayu is the nest of love and light, a jungle retreat in the middle of the small village of Payangan-Ubud, one of the most beautiful and the richest indigenous culture area in Bali.

This sacred paradise is for adults-only and an eco-friendly boutique suites & villas, immersed in the lush greens of the surrounding rice terraces.

As soon as we arrived, we fell in love with the property and we knew that we were in our main element, surrounded by nature. We have stayed at the beautiful Dewi Kunti villa, that has two bedrooms and a private pool. The aesthetics of the villa was incredible and it even had an outdoor bathtub.

Even if we had a short stay at Dara Ayu, we certainly had a relaxed time by their stunning infinity pool, overlooking the rice terraces and enjoying the delicious food from Teras Restaurant. It was the perfect end of our Ubud travel journey.

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