Travel Insurance : Everything You Need To Know

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Traveling is one of the best things in the world, but there’s also a lot that can go wrong! As we've had some pretty difficult experiences, we have decided to write an article on travel insurance and clarify some points that we think are important. First, let’s be honest here! When we started our adventure of being full time travelers, we didn’t have travel insurance! We know it sounds crazy but we were so excited and just wanted to enjoy the journey that we totally forgot about it! But when thins go wrong, you just think “if only I had insurance”.. so that’s one of the reasons we want to share the importance of having a travel insurance with you and we also want to give you 5% discount when buying your insurance with our favourite company so you don’t have to spend lots of money.

Our real experience

Our days without travel insurance ended quickly: as soon as we visited our second country in Asia, Thailand. We were having breakfast by the beach and Patricia simply passed out.. We didn’t have insurance so we couldn’t go to the hospital or anything. Luckily, we got the help of some amazing Thai people, they called a traditional healer and found out that Patricia got Thai bacteria, so after some medication and antibiotic everything was good. But that was the moment that really opened our eyes and made us realize that only when we travel, we understand that we are exposed to more risks! We learn to give more value not only to our health but to all the personal items and material we have with us, as the backpacks we carry become our only home.

The importance of traveling with insurance

Travel insurance is not only for cases of illness, it can also be for loss or damage of luggage, civil liability claims and our favourite: your travel insurance can actually cover expenses due to delays or cancellations of flights - something that seems to happen when less expected!
Traveling with insurance also gives you more confidence and security, which brings more freedom, as you know that if something happens, they got you covered. But that doesn’t help with every company, as sometimes companies don’t give you all the details or things are not clear.. So we compared several insurances, did many simulations and finally chose the company that best suits our travel style and that also offers the best deals - IATI.

Our travel insurance - IATI

IATI was one of those great rare discoveries and that's why we find it important to share all information with our community of travelers. Choosing an insurance is one of the most difficult processes in travel planning and also one of those things where we really want to have good services but without paying lots of money! So, of all the advantages that a travel insurance company can have (and these guys have them all!), our favorites are: insurance without deductibles, no need for money in advance, assistance 24 hours, coverage in all the countries of the world and no age limits! Travel insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, for example, if you want to travel 1 month around India you can get your insurance for only 70€! IATI has options for every travel style, from backpackers to full time travelers, you can simply click here and find the one that fits your travel style.

Here is something that will make you super happy: if you buy your insurance package through our link you will get a 5% discount, so your insurance will be cheaper than if you buy just from their website! No discount codes needed, just click that link, find the package that suits you best and hit the road!