Top Secret And Best Experiences In Rome

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Rome, one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Here the sun rises up illuminating the Colosseum and stays bright during the whole day, to warm up the wandering souls in the piazzas. In the evening, the sun sets behind the many domes that paint the city with dreamy tones.
This city is one of the most visited in the whole world, not only by its historic legacy but also because of the Vatican, which receives billions of believers and non-believers in its walls. But Rome is much more than the main attractions full of tourists and the number of restaurants where you can eat delicious pasta dishes and drink wine.

Rome is about the experiences, the vibe that runs on the streets, the people and the culture! When we travel we like to connect with the locals, immerse in the culture and explore the less touristy places of the city, which always prove to be the best kept secret. So we put together the best experiences you can have in Rome, some free, and the best memories you'll keep for the rest of your life.

Immerse yourself in the culture wandering Trastevere

One of the most wonderful things to do in Rome is to take a walk around the lovely and colorful streets, and we have the perfect place for that: Trastevere! Here you can have the best of Rome: cultural buildings, tiny streets full of live, friendly people, buskers and the best selection of traditional food you can get. Trastevere is a medieval neighborhood, situated on the west part of the Tiber river, with busy Piazza di Santa Maria in its heart. One thing needs to happen when in Trastevere - get lost! This way you know you'be embraced the pure vibes on those labyrinthine streets, painted in warm tones of orange and ornamented with flowers and plants all around! This is one of the hidden gems of Rome and far enough from the most touristic places. If you are feeling tired after walking to much, head over to the amazing organic and vegan ice-cream shop Fonte della Sallute to refresh yourself with the fruity and delicious flavors.

Watch the most warming sunset in Giardino degli Aranci

We are big lovers of the sun and we love to chase it wherever it goes. The sunset is one of the most amazing and energetic times of the day, where you can sit down, reflect about your day and let go of all negativity. After we wandered Trastevere, the sun was calling us, so we bought a pizza, a bottle of wine and walked all the way up to Giardino degli Aranci, home of one of the most spectacular views over the city of Rome. Located near Piazza Cavalieri di Malta you can find a comfy hidden gem with green spaces and with a balcony to sit down, while watching the sunset behind the domes from the Basilicas of Rome. The view is breathtaking and we loved it so much that we went back here in our last night in Rome, it was the best goodbye ever.

Have a taste of traditional food in Ristorante Carlo Menta

What else could be more fulfilling than having the ultimate Italian cuisine experience blended with the cultural side of the city? Well you can experience it in Trastevere where you can get the cheapest meal in Rome! Don’t be tricked by the prices, they are low, but the food is top quality and you don’t pay the service fee like in most restaurants. After a long day shooting we need a boost, so we ordered the gnocchi pomodoro & basilico as a starter and then two mouthwatering pizzas with thin crusts that express itself after each bite. The best thing, we had all of this for less than 15 euros! The place is great, with a cute terrace outside, so you can literally enjoy your food while life is still happening.

Take a sunrise walk in Rome

To have the best experience from the city, you have to wake up a little before the sunrise and explore the city. Not only you will find the streets with no tourist agitation but also you’ll have the best taste of the pure and raw side of the city - Rome in its naked essence. We woke up before dawn and headed to the famous Fontana di Trevi, where we were able to see the whole beauty of that millennial fountain of blue waters with no tourists around. We threw a coin, wished love and light for our journey and continued to walk the streets until the mesmerizing Pantheon. This historic building is even more beautiful with the tones of the sunrise and if you take a moment to admire its beauty, you will feel so small and wonder how they built it out of nothing. The sun is starting to appear over the rooftops of the old houses and we ran till Piazza Navona, one of the most iconic piazzas in Rome known by its liveliness. Well, we found a lovely quiet place, with locals walking their dogs and we could actually see the piazza from one side to other, it was fascinating! One of the most fulfilling experiences we’ve ever had.

Real Italian vegan gelato with CamBio Vita

Everybody knows that Rome has the best ice-creams in the world, but did you know that they also have gluten-free and vegan alternatives? When we knew about this we were so excited to try out and during our sunrise walk we found CamBio Vita, an organic vegan Ice-cream shop that has so far the best gelato you can eat in Rome. Even the cones are suitable for vegans, with a thin crust and chocolate, nuts or other sprinkles of tasty goodies to add in your choice. The sweet real taste of fruit and that strong chocolate flavor made us feel in love instantly! So if you want to have the ultimate gelato experience you’ve got to try this one!

A view to die for in Gianicolo Terrace

Rome can be so crazy and busy during all year and there is no better place to escape the confusion of those tiny streets that the most breathtaking view you can see over the city. After we explored the Vaticano city we walked all the way up on Via Gianicolo and we were surprised by the number of peaceful places we’ve found with view to the city center. From little gardens, passing through the lighthouse until we reach the terrace you can get the feeling of a quiet place, the birds singing, green surroundings and a really nice walk to clear your mind from the confusion of the center.

 Taste vegan pastry at D’Angelo caffe

When we thought that Rome couldn’t surprise us even more, we were shocked when we went to take our breakfast and we discover a beautiful selection of vegan pastry. We were mad about croissants before and we didn’t get the chance to try the vegan ones, but D’Angelo caffe made our dream come true. From vegan croissants, plain or with orange jam, to pies and cookies, they have a range of pastry that will fill you up and make you smile and feel good, just the right boost to start your mornings in the beautiful eternal city.

If you liked this post and would love to know more about Rome, watch our video and leave us a comment with all your thoughts, questions and feelings. We will be very happy to help you plan your dream trip to the Roman city. Ciao!