This Is Our Moment To Shine

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You must fight with your whole being, give every piece of your soul and follow every beat of your heart. You must say your wish out loud to the whole world, leave footprints in each place you go and share deep secrets with every little one. And, above all, you must believe, put intention in each action and spread your words, your beliefs, your miracles, your victories, your defeats, your conquests and your losses.

When you realize that everything is part of you, that you are part of the world and that everyone is part of your life too.. When you accept everything and everyone as a piece of your body, your being, your soul.. When you give meaning to someone's life and you admit that they give sense to your life too, sometimes even turning it upside down.. Your dreams become your reality, our dream is now our reality.

Most people ask us how we were able to give up our jobs, our fixed and good salaries, the stable life we had.. But the wonderful and stable life we had was not our dream. And to be truly happy and to be truly alive in this life, you have to live the dream. Your dream. And as our dream grows, as our reality becomes one with the world, great things happen! Things that weren't even part of our plans, and we become more and more grateful. For every little thing we have, for every person who crosses our lives and bring love to our hearts.

So, today we want to thank you all for your love, your support, your life, your being! You inspire us every day to do better. And we want to share great news with you: we are nominee for the Bloggers Open World Awards 2018 by Momondo in three different categories: open world, blog, and photography.

If you have been following our journey here or on Instagram you know that our main goal is to bring awareness, consciousness and truth for a more sustainable and mindful life, full of harmony and love! This contest is a great opportunity to take this project further, to take our lives further. It would mean the world to us if you could vote for our blog, our project, our dream. All you have to do is to open the links below, fill in your name and email, and then check your email to validate the votes. It only takes a few seconds! Here are the links your should follow:

Open World Category



This is our moment, your moment, the world's moment, the nature's moment, the people's moment, everyone's moment to shine!
Let's change the world together, take actions to make it a better place, and share beliefs that bring us all back together, in peace and harmony.