The Real Reason Why We Quit Our Jobs

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This is about to get real. Personal. Intimate. Vulnerable.

Around our twenties, we made the decision to leave Portugal and work abroad. We ended up in Ireland. We had a perfect house, a very good salary, and even our dream job - to teach children and young people to thrive in life by helping them overcome the abuses and traumas they have suffered in the past, giving them a new reason to smile. We were excited, and proud of ourselves. Making everyone proud as well. But we were far from imagining what was about to happen.

We had no sun, no summer, no happiness. At all. It rained outside most of the days, and inside of us every day. Our hearts were breaking up and our minds were lost. Our bodies were getting sick. Literally. We had constant headaches. And stomach pains that woke us up in the middle of the night. During the last months we couldn’t sleep. Because we weren’t even awake. We were dreaming. But that dream was not ours. That future society created for us was not ours. That life was not ours. Those two people were not even ourselves. Until one day - the day when we woke up and realized nothing made sense. Everything was wrong! We were wrong. Invisible. Lost. That was the day we collapsed.

We looked at each other. In silence. A silence that broke away in tears. And there we stayed. Feeling everything. The tears turned into a storm. Of revolt, anger, sadness. We looked at each other and said “we have to get away from here”. But it was only ourselves we needed to set free. The next day we quit everything. The house, the car, the job, the country. We quit our jobs so we don’t lose ourselves. We left material goods for the sake of real values. The perfect life for our unique life. That was our reborn.

It felt like our birth. Our first time breathing fresh air. No pressure, anxiety or expectations. It was just ourselves. Against the rules and standards that everyone had created for us. In favor of all that we are. And all that is ours. Honoring our broken hearts. Healing our body. Mind. Spirit. Whole. We chose not to lose another day. Not to miss another smile. Not to forget about our true essence.
We left everything. Except ourselves.

Here we are now. Reborn from the ashes. Failing to learn. Fighting to reach that sunshine state of mind again. Revealing to yourself. And the whole world. Proving that there is more beyond the limits we create. Living one day at a time in our own unique way. Our own goals. Dreams. And fears. Experiencing life as it is. Personal. Intimate. Vulnerable. Real.

With Love & Sunshine,
Patricia & Miguel