Svarga Loka Resort, Ubud, Bali

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Have you ever been to Bali? Visiting this island is embracing a journey to reconnect with your inner light, especially if you are in Ubud, most known as the yogi town. During our stay in this wonderful city, we chose Svarga Loka Resort as our sacred heaven and we couldn’t feel more connected with one place as much as we did there.

‘‘A stepping stone through the true source of wellbeing’’ is what describes this wonderful wellness sanctuary, located by Campuhan river in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, just 90 min drive from the airport and 10 min from the center. We were looking for a place were we could be far away from the crazy busy areas, while enjoying the best that nature has to give so we found paradise in Svarga Loka.

Our arrival as warmly greeted by the loving staff that offered us their revitalizing welcoming drink and then guided us to our room. We felt that it was much more that we could ask for, beautifully ornamented with cultural Balinese details and with a view to nature, the perfect place to have our days of inner peace retreat.

We had the chance to meet these two loving souls that are behind the resort project. Susanto Artanto, the mind behind the meaning and Irwan Rahardja, which owns this sacred land where the resort has been build. They taught us so much about the Balinese culture, rituals and all the wonders you can find in Bali. During that moment of sharing, the one thing that we felt most connected to was when they told us about their ecological and sustainable vision of the resort and the people who stay there.

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This piece of land where the resort was build, is believed to be sacred and have natural healing powers, so the whole space was built around the land, without moving a single tree, as they wanted to be in harmony with nature and respect the sacred feelings from the earth. We felt so blessed and empowered by these two long life friends, which showed us that money is nothing compared to true connections and experiences, and that is why they are faithful to their vision regarding any adversity they might face.

In Svarga Loka, you can experience the true essence of a wellness resort with their daily activities such as Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Martial Arts class and Meditation practices, finishing the day with a relaxing massage at the spa. We spent our mornings by the pool just stretching in our yoga mats and we’ve never felt so well!

As true believers that nature can heal, we must say that our bodies, minds and souls were in perfect harmony during our stay. Waking up to the sound of the birds, energizing our souls with a morning yoga session, followed by an organic breakfast with locally sourced products and spend the rest of the day absorbing all that pure energy of the surroundings, has shown us that nature has everything to offer.

If you are looking to spend some quality time and work on your self-development, you will experience the true journey of light, while feeling the healing powers of the sacred island of Bali.

Thank you Svarga Loka Resort, we are eternally grateful!