Run Wild Before Time Leaves


Society tells you to be skinny, buy the latest fashion trends, eat healthy during the week, fast food at the weekend, choose your friends wisely, study hard, get a well paid job, buy a house, party on fridays, work all year round, buy a car, have summer vacations, wait for the weekends to go out, listen to the music that everyone is listening, forget the pain, hide your weaknesses, be beautiful on the outside, lose weight, train your body, forget your mind, buy more, use less, stay the same, never change.

You spend your life doing everything society asks you to do, because you want to find a purpose in life, you want to accomplish your mission, you want to fulfill your desires and you want to make your dreams come true.
And maybe one day you'll find what you're looking for, or maybe not, maybe you'll find something much greater than that!
What if you're running down this road just because somebody told you to do so? Well, the road has many curves and turning points, and you can leave at any moment, change the direction, choose your destination. Realize what you're holding in your mind, and break it! Work on yourself, for yourself, by yourself! Look for the true version of yourself, not the best one, but the real one. The one that welcomes all your mistakes and small victories, the one that dances when nobody is watching and embraces every little piece of your life.
Look for it, within yourself! There is no perfect moment, and if you have been waiting for a signal, here it is.

Go study what your family told you not to, buy those tickets to the destinations you have been dreaming of traveling, take off the makeup and the clothes that the magazines tell you to wear, listen to the songs you sing secretly in your room, say no when everyone wants you to say yes, and watch that sunset you've been waiting for so long! Get out! Embrace the chaos, chase memories, be brave, explore the surroundings, feel fearless, share moments, wander always, stay true, run wild