Our Morning Routine + How To Create Yours

our morning routine and how to create yours healthy happy successful couple goals bali photo sunrise

As you know, we like to be free, break the rules and forget the plans. But we couldn’t have this flexibility without having a routine first.
Routines bring clarity to the mind, provide a sense of structure and build good habits! That means an increase in efficiency and more success in your tasks/projects, in both personal and professional life. And what’s that time that changes the rest of the day? Mornings!
We’ve been working on our routine for a while and finally reached a point where we feel good, we have tasks that are easily achievable and we can already see the positive results! So we wanted to share our routine and also give you some tips on how to choose the best habits for yourself.

Welcome to our/your morning routine for a happy day:

Begin with bedtime

We know what you’re thinking - this is a morning routine so why talking about bedtime? Well, believe it or not, your mood for the next day starts the night before. It is essential to rest enough and get quality sleep. That means taking some time to detox from screens before going to bed: avoid working after dinner hours, watching television or being on the phone. It is also important to find how much sleep you need, as we are all different humans with different needs.
We also recommend relaxing activities before bedtime as this will tell your body you are now preparing to rest. Here’s a few things you can do: meditation, relaxing podcasts, calming teas, reading, essential oils - these healthy moments will help you to have a calm night and mindful morning.

What Patricia does: reading or meditation, sleep 8 hours minimum
What Miguel does: calming teas or relaxing music, 7 hours sleep is enough

Wake up free from technology & full of gratitude

This is something we’ve struggled before! As our work is mainly social media focused, sometimes it’s hard to not reach for our phones first thing in the morning, but we’ve been practicing a free-tech wake up for a few months now and the changes are amazing! When you check your phone in the morning you see a long list of notifications - missed calls, calendar reminders, emails, unread messages - and suddenly, you have a lot to do, even before getting out of bed. To avoid the temptation of checking your phone, turn it off at night or put it on silent in a distant place from your bed.

You’ve just woke up - you’re breathing, your body is working perfectly fine and you have a new day full of new opportunities! It is proven that gratitude is the most positive habit with great outcomes, especially when done first thing in the morning. It not only impacts yourself but the world around, as you start your day with kindness and love towards others. Express how grateful you are to have woken up - write it down, close your eyes and think what you’re grateful for today, tell someone how thankful you are, do a gratitude dance, the list is infinite! Whatever you do, make sure it’s your true way of expressing gratitude.

What Patricia does: daily journaling
What Miguel does: express it out loud or think about something I’m really thankful for today

Move your body

After a moment of appreciation, it's time to tell your body that you're ready to start the day! We believe there is no better way to do this than to exercise. Moving your body will not only awaken all your organs and senses, but eliminate any toxins and negative thoughts that may remain from the previous night. Some people like to start at the gym, others prefer to do some nice stretches or slowly move their body while heading to the shower. Whatever you do, make sure it is something you’re comfortable with, something you want to improve and something that you truly like.

What Patricia does: 1 hour yoga or 45 min workout mixed with some yoga movements
What Miguel does: 1 hour workout focusing on a specific body part each day or yoga

Listen to your mind

Your mind is the place where you keep all memories, all challenges you’ve been through and the lessons you’ve learned. So, after moving your body, it is important to focus on the mind, as only the mind knows how to keep us peaceful and in a positive mood! You don’t have to do a long meditation or force yourself to reach the deepest thoughts of the subconscious world, you can simply pay attention to the way your body feels after the workout you’ve done, or focus on the sound of the water while you’re taking a shower. Other things you can do is: coloring mandalas, listening to meditation podcasts, writing the first things that come to your mind, walking in the nature, listening to your favourite song and observe how it makes you feel. We advice you to spend no more than 20 min on a “mind listening” activity, so you can be able to let your thoughts flow but also make some sense out of it without thinking too much.

What Patricia does: 15 min meditation + 5 min expressing gratitude to others and the world
What Miguel does: meditation, always with healing music or a mantra

Fuel your soul

Our favourite time in the morning! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we all know that, but for us it is much more than that. Breakfast is the first moment of the day where we’re actually together (after getting our of bed), so we focus not only on what we’re eating but we take some time to talk to each other, to share some thoughts/feelings and plan the day. Eating a wholesome breakfast nourishes our bodies but also our souls, especially when it’s done with mindfulness - so we recommend to leave your phone away and enjoy your meal. There’s no secret here, simply choose something healthy, that makes you feel good and that fills up your tummy for the next hours - just try to reach for fruits and grains instead of sugar.

Patricia favorites: smoothie bowls, lots of fruit, and sometimes delicious vegan pancakes
Miguel favorites: bread with peanut butter, all bananas available, and sometimes vegan chocolate cake

Final tips

- Drink 500 ml of water after waking up and at least 1,5 l during the rest of the day (or sugar free tea)

- Smile! Smile when you wake up, smile at yourself in the mirror, smile at strangers.

- If one day you wake up and feel like you just want to spend time in bed or with your loved ones, do it! Remember that the best part of having a routine is that you can break it anytime you want.