Our Morning Routine For A Great Start Of The Day

yoga sunshine morning routine

Okay, let's face it, we love staying in bed in the morning and we really hate routines! At this point you may be thinking: so, how the hell did you create a morning routine? and why? The answer is very simple: because we realize that the way you start your morning will set the tone for the rest of your day! And we always wanted our days to be happy, healthy and positive. Whether you are a morning person or not, establishing a healthy morning routine will help you to have a day full of joy. Little changes can have huge impacts in your life and that's why you should start every morning with a sense of great well-being: try meditating, reading, stretching, journaling or drinking a cup of tea. It doesn't matter, as long as it makes sense to you! This is our morning routine and we hope to inspire you to have better days, appreciating all that you have.

Meditate in appreciation

We are big fans of meditation, it helps you to clear your mind from negative thoughts and set your beautiful intentions for the day.
Woke up in a good mood? Great! Take this to another level with a simple meditation session where you imagine this feeling spreading all over your body, and everything and everyone around you (yes, including the people you don't like).
Woke up in a bad mood? No problem! Just spend 10 breaths pondering about the good stuff in your life, feel grateful and think about:
Your body - how many cells do their job right and how many organs are working all together in harmony, just to keep you living.
Those you love - your family, partner, friends, pets.
The work you do, or your hobbies - your goals, your dreams, your mission, and everything you've already achieved.

Listening to music

This one is very good if you have trouble getting up early or finding time meditate, because music is an easy way to center yourself.
Choose a song that brings out the emotions you want to take throughout your day - like peace, happiness, or empowerment. Listen to that song once with your eyes closed and concentrate on the feelings/emotions the music creates in your body and mind. Then you can play that song or choose a playlist you like and play it all over the house from the time you wake up until it's time to leave the house. We love music, it has such a huge positive impact in our days and in our life!

Have breakfast

If there's one thing that we really need in the morning that's breakfast, it gives us energy and comfort to face the challenges of the day. But please do it right: breaking the fast! Take time to prepare a meal that will nourish not only your body but your soul. Some days we feel like spending a good part of the morning in the kitchen making pancakes and hot chocolate. Other days a fresh smoothie is everything we need. Learn to listen to what your body is asking for and transform it into something delicious and healthy.

Spend time together

Most people spend the day away from home, so it's a good idea to take some time to do something together with those you only see in the morning or at night. Have you ever thought about this? Sometimes the people you live with are those with whom you spend the least quality time, because most of the time we spend at home is just for cooking or sleeping!
If you have a partner or children, start your morning together at the breakfast table and connect before the rush of the day begins. If you have a pet, spend time walking your dog or feeding your cat.

Move your body

Whether it’s running outside or taking the dog for a walk, take some time to move your body in the morning - bring oxygen to your body and burn all those negative energies. We love doing a good workout together, taking a short walk, running or doing a long yoga session. Movement is a vital part of starting our the day, it energizes our body, cleans our mind and puts everything in the right place!

We believe that healthy morning routines don't have to be only based on diet and exercise habits, the most important thing is to make it yours, true to yourself and your needs.
What are your favourite things to do in the morning?