Our Connection With Water

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More than 50% of our body is made of water, and we like to believe that the other 50 are made of dreams, sparkling stars, and experiences of a lifetime. In fact, the first element with which we have contact is water, even before we were born, in the amniotic sac of our mother! We spend the first 9 months in our little ocean and as we grow up, the salt concentration in the human body is almost exactly the same saltiness as the ocean.

Water can be found everywhere and it's present throughout our life - in the rain that brings life to this planet, in the real kisses our dogs give us, in the sea that makes us believe in the infinite, in the purest moments where we shed tears - that have the same salt ratio as the ocean! Water controls the planet, balances nature and creates life for every being on Earth. It is a source of energy that flows even in the smallest things, being able to cleanse, heal, transform. Water carries energy, as we see in the tides of the sea, that are controlled by the sun, the moon, the rotation of the Earth, and more. So you believe that all these energy centers control the sea, but you don't believe it influences yourself?

Everything around us has an electric charge, and everything you think, feel, or touch produces an energy change. Everything around you influences you, in the same way that you influence every little thing and every single one. Water connects everything and it connects us all! When you cry, the molecules of your tears return to somewhere, just as when you think, the intention that you put is directed to someone. And this energy is able to create and connect the most beautiful forms of life when our intention is pure and real.

So be sure to stay true to your own beliefs, surround yourself with people who share the same values, and let go all that is no longer needed. Remember that you have the power to change. Remember that everything changes when you touch it, whether it's physical or emotional. Remember that we are all connected by the same elements. Remember that we are all the same elements. And remember that the world needs you. The Universe needs exactly who you are. So be exactly yourself.

☀ with love and sunshine,
Patricia & Miguel