Once You Need Less, You Will Have More

travel couple living the van life

You never ask for a life - your parents may have wanted you, your family may have spent 9 months waiting for you, but this was not your wish, dream or plan - you just 'suddenly' come into the world. And when you're here, you start to think what you are actually doing, what your purpose is, what really moves you, what your mission is or your life goals. Some want to get rich, others want to be happy, and there are still those who want to change the world - we want it all. We want to get rich in knowledge, experiences, love, light and culture. We want to be happy, taking conscious actions in our daily lives that contribute not only to our happiness, but also to that of all beings on Earth. And we want to change the world, starting with ourselves, with the steps we choose to take, our actions and path in this world, all of which begins to shape, transform and change the people, the family, the community, the world around us.

We have become aware that the lifestyle that someone assumes, tells a lot about that person and when we first began to think about it, we wanted people to identify us as someone who lives, thinks, and feels with their whole being. We were never too materialistic or ungrateful people, but we wanted to be more than simply not being. We wanted to let go off all preconceptions, judgments and stereotypes, we wanted our lifestyle to reflect our essence, our true being, ourselves, so there would be no doubt about which way to go...

Minimalism is the art of letting go - you stop having what you do not use, you stop buying what you do not need, and you stop missing what you do not have. Some people think that minimalism is living with less, is having the least possible and needing almost nothing to be happy. No, minimalism is not that! A minimalist lifestyle is knowing exactly what makes you happy, filling your life with it and letting everything else go. Minimalism is getting to know yourself so well, in the depth of your being, that you do not need 'extras' to hide the imperfections of your life, because you begin to accept everything, good and bad, with open arms and open heart, believing that every moment takes you exactly where you have to be.

You start to need less, because you start to feel more complete, whole, and real. And once you need less, you will have more. When you begin to accept that you are no better than anyone and that no one is better than you, that you are simply your true self, accepting all your qualities and peculiarities. Everything begins to make sense and to flow in a light and natural wave, impossible to predict or control. Because minimalism helps us to live in the moment, focus on our health, grow as individual human beings, discover purpose in our life and pursue our passions.

We've never imagined ourselves taking conscious daily actions or mindfully choosing a lifestyle, but once you start doing it, it all starts to happen so wonderfully. On the other hand, we always imagined ourselves living the van life, exploring the world, making real connections with different communities... It's one of those dreams you have that you think it only happens in the movies, and especially when you just quit your job, you don't really think that this dream can really happen at that moment.. But here we are now, finally having the opportunity to live in this little caravan for 3 weeks, following our dreams and making the world a better place. We believe that when you begin to truly be who you are, the universe takes you to the place where you really belong.