Jasri Bay Hideway, Bali

-     Your getaway to heaven     -

 Privately situated by the beautiful bay of Jasri village, lies a paradise yet to be discovered: Jasri Bay Hideaway. This wonderful resort is composed by 3 traditional cottages, made of ancient timber, perfectly built overlooking the ocean.

Jasri Bay is the perfect choice for those who seek peaceful moments, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. What you will find is a refuge, in the middle of the jungle, where you can experience a true Balinese holiday experience. Flower gardens, traditional adornments, Balinese style cottages and an infinity pool over viewing the ocean set the tone for the perfect escape and cultural experience while in Bali.

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Pandan Cottage

As we mentioned before, Jasri Bay Hideaway is composed by 3 magnificent Balinese style cottages: Kelapa, Jepun and Pandan. We were lucky enough to experience the wonders of Pandan villa, which was our nest during our 3-night stay.

Featuring 2 double bedrooms with bathroom, a living room area, a big balcony on the first floor and a huge chill zone deck area on the bottom floor, Pandan makes the honeymooners delights. The entire cottage design is set to keep the true Balinese culture essence alive and every detail was carefully carved.

From tasty breakfasts on the balcony, to morning yoga sessions at the deck or endless sunset moments by the infinity pool, you will feel amazed by the experiences you can have in Jasri, the true getaway to heaven.

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Our experience

We must say that 3 nights weren’t enough, as we could easily live in that giant cottage! After 2 and a half hours driving from Canggu, we made our say to our paradise, accompanied by some friends, super excited to enjoy and relax among nature.

The path till the resort wasn’t an easy one, but we soon realise that its remote location would make it perfect for a total detox and reconnect with ourselves and mother nature.

Upon arrival, the friendly staff made us a tour around the premises, and we fell in love with the aesthetics and concept of the resort, built specifically to give comfort, tranquillity and wellness to all its guests.

We spent our days between yoga and meditation sessions in the morning, relaxing moments at the balcony bed and refreshing moments by the pool. As full-time travelers, we find ourselves in a constant hustle and stress, due to the big trips we do around the world, so Jasri allowed us to slow down and recharge our batteries for our future journeys.

The resort also offers in room dining experiences, with a vast menu, ranging from European, American and traditional Indonesian cuisines, carefully prepared with detail and suitable for all dietary requirements. We sure enjoyed the tempeh burgers and vegan curries, with a soulful touch of their detox juices.

The resort is well located between many other points of interest, like Pura Lempuyan Temple, Tirta Ganga Temple, Amed Beach or Bukit Cinta view, all overviewing the imponent mount Agung. After you relax, take some time to explore this epic places, you won’t regret!

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Ethical and Social Commitments

Jasri Bay Hideaway is all built using ancient timber materials and was carefully raised in harmony with the surrounding harmony, preserving the natural landscape as much as possible.

Each cottage is equipped with a refillable water station, so you can bring your own reusable bottle and help preventing plastic pollution in the island.

Just outside its doors, is Sorga Chocolate Factory, that produces fair trade and sustainable chocolate bars, which you can find inside the fridge of your cottage. Take a bite and help the local communities that work at the cacao farms.