How We Saved Money To Travel Long-Term

how we saved money to travel long term couple marrakech

When we had the idea, or rather "the call", to travel the world, getting money was on our top priorities. We were never rich and our parents never funded our travels. The idea of travelling the world full-time was a distant dream we never thought could become our reality, especially so soon in our lives – but suddenly, here we are, living the dream! Yes, it is hard. Yes, it takes time. Yes, you need a lot of patience. Yes, people will tell you it's impossible. It is a huge mountain to climb, but it's not impossible.
Here's what we did:

Figure out your essential expenses

How much do you spend in rent, gym, netflix, food, social activities/parties, food, and other utilities? Find the monthly amount you're spending and where you can cut back. You will be surprised by the money you can save only here. When we managed to watch our expenses, we started to save a lot (you can actually save the double!). And if you change your lifestyle you can save even more, for example reduce or stop smoking, drinking, consumer shopping, etc... Start thinking about money as a resource, that comes and goes, in a positive way.

Change your lifestyle

Change your social and food habits: instead of going out for dinner with friends, go out for coffee or just hang out and watch movies at home. Instead of stopping for some food on the way home from work, cook your own meal (it's healthier and cheaper). Stop shopping at expensive grocery stores and buy local, products are often cheaper and better!  Quit The Gym - No need for a gym membership when you can go running, hiking, or practice body weight exercise routines outside while enjoying nature!

Work as a freelancer

This is one of the most efficient ways to make money. Everyone has a gift or something they do very well. So why not take advantage of these skills and use them as a part-time job, or maybe full-time? When working as a freelancer, you can decide your own salary, work from home, and save even more money (you no longer have expenses with transportation, restaurant meals..). There are several online platforms where you can sign up for free, for example Freelancer and Upwork.

Sell your stuff

If it’s worth good money and you can’t travel with it, then is it really worth hanging onto? We all have stuff that we can sell - clothes that don't fit us, books that we no longer read, electronics we don't use... You can sell your things online, at boot sales, secondhand shops, or even to your friends who are interested! Be creative here and don't be afraid of losing things! We even sold our car!

Simplify your life

The more you simplify, the better! Look at yourself in a true way, look at the world around you with understanding and gratitude. Don't forget to give, to receive, and to positively influence every place you go. Opportunities come when we least expect. Look at every situation with open heart and open mind, and never stop believing that dreams do come true.

~ Do you have any tips on how to save money?