How To Stay Healthy While Travelling


Travel doesn't always means healthy choices. Usually, people travel to immerse themselves in a world where good food, parties and drinks are the top priorities. When you travel, unexpected things happen, and you get out of your daily routines. You don't have the gym to do your workout or those local markets where you buy your favourite healthy products. Most of the times, you don't even have a kitchen to cook your own meals, so you start losing focus.. For some people, travelling is only a week full of new experiences, but for others it is a lifestyle and there is no such thing as structured routines.

When people ask us how we keep our healthy and balanced lifestyle while travelling, we have an easy and simple answer: never forget who you are and what you love to do, make the world your own home! So, how to do it? We’ve gathered 4 essential areas where you can focus to keep that healthy balance anywhere in the world!


Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day so don’t ruin it with bad choices like those delicious cakes on the buffet of your hotel or the beautiful selection of pastry. To break the fast choose a convenient healthy snack, a combination between cereals, fruit and fresh juices! During the day try to avoid big meals with several courses and make sure that you keep that greens on your plate. Whenever possible, stay at a hostel where you can cook your meals, not only will be cheaper but you will have that control over what you eat. Being vegan is the best way to treat your body, as you are free from animal fats and dairy products. By choosing vegetable options, you are reducing not only the amount of fat you consume, but also your ecological footprint.


Travelling is synonym of time to relax, but don’t spend all your time at the hotel pool drinking cocktails! There is so many things to see in every part of this world and is core to keep your body active. Make more conscious choices like taking walks while sightseeing, go for a morning jog (it’s also a good way to get to know a place), hike the mountains wherever you see them, go for a swim in the lake/and choose public transportation as much as possible - it is better for the environment and it will make you active, like those moments when you had to run to catch the last bus!


Staying healthy is not only about food! People often forget that our mind controls our body and the way it responds to stimuli, so the healthier your mind is, the best your body will function. It is so easy to get stress out while travelling: tight schedules, that flight to catch, where are you going to eat, the summer heat on those warm countries and multiple other aspects that will bomb your brain and blur it. Practicing mindfulness is a good way to keep your mind sharp and focus, enjoying every single moment with the attention it deserves and taking that moment to stop! We also love to start the day with a yoga session and a grateful meditation, where we set the tone for the day, so the energy can flow through your body and inject positive thoughts into your mind.


Long days exploring a city or a big hike through the mountains can be very exhaustive, but do you ever think to stop? No, you keep going and go out for dinner, stay up till late for a party and you repeat this process many days in a row. Our body needs to rest, and those 7/8 hours of sleep are gold! Learn to listen to your body and pay attention to the signs - your body can tell you with 100% accuracy when you should take a moment to pause and re-energize, so you can keep your journey with all that energy and enthusiasm like you had on the first day!

When you travel, you should never forget your lifestyle. It's actually quite the opposite - put everything you are on what you do - anywhere and everywhere in this world!