How To See Iceland in 4 Days

iceland blue lagoon
iceland gulfoss waterfall
iceland playing in the snow
iceland snow
iceland sunrise

We wanted to start this year by saying goodbye to the lack of sun and the lonely cold days! So we decided to choose a country with landscapes full of snow to remind us that we can find sunshine anywhere. It's the land of ice and fire, part of our bucket list since we're young and so many other bucket lists all over the world - Iceland - our first stop for this year. Before booking our trip, we searched for the magical wonders worth to visit, and we realized that was almost everything, so we made up a budget and embraced the adventure.

iceland sunrise

Day 1
We arrived at Keflavik airport and took a bus to our accommodation - Loft Hostel - the best hostel in Reykjavik with an amazing atmosphere, the locals' first choice for a long night of fun! We checked in, left our things and decided to explore the city. We visited the Harpa Concert Hall, a beautiful building that reminded us of the sea life because of its shape and architecture. Next to it you can take a long walk by the coast. Made by rocks, close to the sea, with a wonderful view to the icy mountains, this was our favourite view in Reykjavik! You can admire the sunrise or sunset here, and just from a short walking distance, you can find the famous sculpture Solfar (sun voyager), an ode to the sun. After sunset, it's time to recharge energies and have some warm food, so we chose the Hradelstin, an Indian style restaurant with the perfect spicy touch after a cold day. They have a few vegetarian/vegan options and also special deals on Vegan Wednesdays. We recommend the vegan Thali, a dish with the most tasty vegan options, it's absolutely yummy!

Day 2
Time to head off to the north side of Reykjavink! Here you can fin the old harbour, with a beautiful sightseeing over the sea and the fishing boats, an amazing place full of colour and life, perfect walk around, explore and photograph. On your way back to the center, you will pass through the lake Tjornin, which during winter is more like an ice rink! The lake was completely frozen, and we had such a wonderful experience spending the afternoon there, just walking, playing and enjoying the view! On the top of the city there's the unique Hallgrimskirkja church, its stunning architecture, looking like an old organ, will make you spend a few minutes admiring it.
The moon starts to rise and it's time to look for a place to have dinner. We went to Prikid, a cosy little old cafe where everything is alternative! Here we found the best vegan burgers we've ever tasted! The atmosphere here is also fabulous, so it’s the best place to get some energy before hitting the road looking for the northern lights. Be mindful that to be able to see the northern lights, the sky needs to be super clear. We weren't that lucky as it was always snowing, but we believe that everything happens for a reason - and the reason is that we will have to go back to see the northern lights!


Day 3
One of most amazing day trips to make in Iceland is the Golden Circle. The first stop was Thingvellir National Park, and we were there right when the sun was rising, so you can imagine the beauty of that moment! During the winter everything is fully white, what makes it even more special. After the park, you’ll have the chance to see the Geysir and the Gullfoss waterfall. We love waterfalls but we've never seen anything so powerful like this one - the ice makes it look like a movie scene! After 6 hours exploring the golden circle, nothing better than a fancy vegan food, right? We found Gló at the corner of the main street and we couldn’t be more satisfied with it. With lots of vegan options, we fell in love with the spinach lasagna and the mediterranean basin. Also, every time you choose a vegan option, you get 15% discount, so keep it green!

Day 4
Saving the best for last, we enjoyed our last day relaxing at the magical Blue Lagoon. You can chose from one of the packages available and then just get ready and enjoy the warm water. Despite the temperature outside, which is super cold, inside the water is like being inside of a volcano! This place can become very crowded in some areas, but there is plenty of space to take the best photographs or simply relax. After this amazing experience, we went back to town for dinner. This time we chose the vibrant Kaffi Vinyl, with the best vegan vibes in town. It’s a 100% vegan restaurant/bar! You can relax, travel around their beautiful music compilation, and enjoy the delicious food..

If you're thinking going to Iceland during the winter time, be mindful that the temperatures are really low and always under 0°C. But with the right clothes and that explorer spirit it can be the journey of your dreams. We also found that the best way to explore Iceland is by yourself, so rent a van or a car and explore as much as you can, you won’t regret it. Watch our video below for an explorer boost!