Glamping Experience At Portugal Nature Lodge

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The birds singing while you're still in bed, the tones of the sunset keeping you warm, the breeze whispering through the trees while the vibrant shades of a blue sky radiate us wonderful vibrations.. Sounds like a dream, we know, but that's the reality in Portugal Nature Lodge!

We made an instant connection as soon we put our feet in that beautiful green land! Peter and Joke, the hosts are two inspiring souls who idealized this eco glamping site and brought to us their sustainable vision and lifestyle. They traveled the world on their bicycles, feeding their hearts and minds, absorbing all the wonders of the cultures they got in touch with.

Between stories, sharing ideas and getting to know each others, we fell in love with their project. After they stopped traveling and seeking home near their country, they stumbled on the breathtaking Vicentine Coast and soon found a piece of land to call home. The area needed a lot of work and there were only ruins of a house, but nothing moved them from their beliefs. While many questioned if they were able to give life to their ideas, they always looked at the land as a rich potential and raised the eco lodge within 1 year of hard work. Their strength, power of will and positive minds are contagious and made us believe that we can achieve whatever we want, and dreams are made to come true.

Coming from a context where everyone seemed so busy in their own 9 to 5 working lives and constantly disconnected from mother earth and even themselves, Peter and Joke felt that they could not only live a more conscious lifestyle, but also provide the opportunity to experience it to others. Either sleeping in a dreamy Mongolian Yurt, having some quality time with your friends and family at the Lodge Tent or capturing the essences of Africa in a Safari Tent, people will feel the need to stay and reconnect, being inspired by simplicity and peacefulness. Located on the southwest coast of Portugal, between the coastal villages of Zambujeira do Mar and Vila Nova de Milfontes, this place was build with natural and sustainable resources, the eco lodge is a living proof that we can find in nature all we need to live and thrive.

The perfect place to get your daily dose of pure and fresh harmonies, between the cork oak trees and the sea. Whether you are already a conscious citizen or a human being who wants to do more for yourself, for the environment and for every single one, this is the place that will get you in touch with the true meaning of life.

We live for trustful connections and happy moments and this experience brought us the best of both. We left Portugal Nature Lodge with two more friends and a sense of fulfillment for contributing to their ideals. We feel blessed, grateful and alive! Thank you Peter and Joke.