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We are true believers that everyone can be happy, as long as we be mindful of who we are, of what we love and of what our intuition is trying to tell us. Sometimes, to remind us of what makes us feel happy and to stay positive we use our own mantras, a motto that echoes in our heads and vibrates all its frequencies through our body, working like a constant reminder that we are beautiful and happy, no matter what. Now imagine you could have this powerful insight everyday with you, wearing it on your wrist? That is what Mantraband suits for. They aim to promote a lifestyle full of positive vibes, optimism and mindfulness by giving the constant reminder through beautiful mantras, phrases and inspirational words that you can carry with you all over the world!

We are on a mission to inspire and empower with positive messages
— Mantraband

One of our many mantras for life is that positive minds attract positive vibes. As long as you keep your mind with positive, optimistic and joyful thoughts, the universe will present you with positive inputs to your daily life. Think on this like a seed. If you plant a seed and take care of it with all the love and positivity, a beautiful plant will blossom and irradiate joy to whoever being it encounters. The brand has the same philosophy and truly preaches that ''positive thinking leads to a positive and happy life and that's what we want for ourselves and everyone else on this planet.''

We chose to carry some of our favourite words on a bracelet, but you can also buy necklaces! Enjoy the journey reminds us that life happens all the way long, not only at the destination. Namaste keeps us hopeful, true, in peace. Carpe Diem expresses that just for today we are here, we are living in this amazing moment, appreciating every single drop of life.

In silver, gold, or rose gold, there are no excuses to forget to be happy! Life is to be fully lived and not only to merely exist so never let the bad energies change your mood, the world is beautiful and you are here to shine! Check out Mantraband website and use our discount code FREEOVERSEA for a special price at checkout!

*thank you to Mantraband for making this world a better place. as always, all thoughts & opinions remain our own.