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We love the sea, the sun, the sand.. We are following our own heart beats and the rhythm of the ocean.. So when we found At Aloha, it was like a breeze of  fresh air filled with this plan that is part of our motivation to live on the sunny side every day.

The beautiful soul behind the brand, Kelly, is a dutch girl who loves being outdoors with an obsession with palm trees and wonderful surf vibes. She used to be a "spice girl" but had to abandon that dream and soon found her passion while travelling through Indonesia. She was chatting with a group of backpackers when they asked her what she was going to do when she's back in the Netherlands, and her answer without thinking was: 'I want to bring the summer to the Netherlands, even in the winter.' 

And at the end of the day, your feet should be sandy, your hair salty and your eyes sparkling
— At Aloha

Nowadays, Kelly likes to work closely with small Balinese family companies, observing the passion and love they put into each product they create. Everything is made by hand, so you get unique pieces as special as yourself. Each item has a beach character, bringing us the best surf vibes and the heat of the sun. You can find organic cotton t-shirts, unisex sweaters, cotton tote bags, and beautiful jewelry to keep you connected to the ocean.

We're wearing the Aloha Paradise Tee which is an oversized cropped top made from 100% organic cotton and The Boyfriend Tee, a unisex organic cotton t-shirt, super comfy to wear and to take with you everywhere. Patricia also has the Ocean Sun Love necklace, it can be used every day (and in the sea) without color fading! Dive into At Aloha website and check the variety and freedom of all items, everything is meticulously made so that you can carry a piece of beach life with you wherever you go!

*thank you to At Aloha for making this world a better place. as always, all thoughts & opinions remain our own.