Freeoversea x Nae Vegan Shoes

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Have you ever stopped to think about the things you wear? Or is it just easier to buy the cheapest thing you see and immerse yourself in the sales season? Well, it's not that easy anymore, it never was. Every action you take has a consequence in the world. You may not see it, you may not feel it, but it's happening somewhere. And in the fashion world, it happens every day, every hour, every time you buy something. So the price you pay is never that cheap, at least for somebody else.

Take a moment to look at your feet. What shoes are you wearing? Who made those shoes? What materials are they made with? For sure you have more than one pair, with different colours, shapes and patterns, all so comfortable that you feel so good with them, and with yourself. Now let us ask you something: would you still feel comfortable if we said that behind each pair of leather shoes is a slaughtered animal? Would you still feel comfortable if you knew the negative environmental impacts from the tanning process of leather? Would you still feel comfortable if you saw the poor conditions where the people who make your shoes have been working, being some of them pregnant women and children? Come on. Put your shoes on and look in the mirror. How do you feel?

Nae was born under the assumption of no animal exploitation and focus not only the natural and ecological materials, but also the design, style and quality that are already recognized in Portuguese footwear.
— Nae Vegan Shoes

Nowadays there is no excuse not to embrace the ethical side, and fortunately there are many companies like Nae Vegan Shoes that choose to walk in harmony with our planet. Nae - meaning No Animal Exploitation - is a Portuguese Vegan footwear brand that offers a fair trade and cruelty-free alternative. The brand creates modern products, designed for everyday use and you can find a whole collection of different designs that will make you fall in love. Also, being a fair trade company, all products are manufactured in certified factories of Portugal that guarantee the basic needs and fair working conditions for all workers, not using animal products nor chemicals that pollute our beautiful planet. Nae uses natural materials such as cork and pineapple, recycled materials as airbag and PET – plastic bottles and synthetic materials as ecological microfibers.

We brought our sandals for a walk in the streets of Rome and we were amazed by the comfort, just the right fit for your foot! Patricia is using the KOS BLACK model, made essentially of recycled plastic bottles and cork, as well as recycled car tires on the outsole, while Miguel chose the DARCO PIÑATEX, made from cork and pineapple leaf fibres. The best feeling in the world is when you know that you are making the best choices possible to preserve our planet, and you can do that by taking small steps, either using refreshing sandals during summer vibes or dancing in the streets with comfy sneakers. Your action is needed, you are needed.
It's time to jump to Nae Vegan Shoes, use our code FREEOVERSEA10 for a 10% discount at checkout, and take a walk on the ethical side!