Cebu Waterfall Guide – The adventure starts here

The Philippines are one of the most adventurous places on earth, with so many different experiences you can have in the same place - white sand beaches, small remote islands to discover, magical snorkeling and the most beautiful and crystal clear blue waterfalls, especially if you are in Cebu .
The island is well known by its major big attractions such as Kawasan falls and the whale shark point in Oslob, but there’s much more to see and many untouched spots. We decided to hop on a two day adventure through the south part of the island, chasing waterfalls and found some really good ones..

Here is your waterfall guide to Cebu Island!

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Getting to Cebu

There are many different ways to get into Cebu, but the most effective one is by air. You can find affordable flight deals, as it is not expensive to travel within the Philippines by air.
We took a flight from Siargao, costing only 60 $ (53€) for the both us, but you can always check the flights from Manila, usually are cheaper.

If you are on other islands nearby, such as Bohol or Negros, there are ferries that will take you into Cebu City as well.

Where to stay

In order to have the best experience in Cebu, we advise you not to stay in Cebu city, as all main attractions and the whole beauty of the islands lies in the south.

There are 2 little towns where you can stay, which are Alegria and Moalboal, being the latter your best option, as you will be close to all good restaurants, amenities and beautiful hotels/huts. You can easily reach these two towns by bus, coming from Cebu city south terminal.

For this adventure we chose the little town of Alegria, at a very small homestay called D’Alegre Travelers Inn. We chose Alegria due to its proximity to all waterfalls, but to be honest we which we had stayed in Moalboal, as it is a little tourist center with more options to eat and explore.

In Moalboal stay at Kojie House, and it was by far the best accommodation we’ve stayed during our Philippines travel experience.


Rent a motorbike

Transportation around the south part of the island is limited to buses and tricycles and although it can be cheap (depending on distance), it won’t give you the flexibility you need to reach the waterfalls.

You can rent a motorbike in Moalboal or Alegria for 500 PHP (8€ / 9$) per day. We know that this is a little bit expensive, but it seems to be the common rate around the island. Note that you can always bargain until you are satisfied with a price, or you can always find better deals, so make sure you look well.


Waterfall Guide

Montpellier waterfall

This one is a well-hidden gem that we were so fortunate to find. As true lovers of the road less traveled, we asked some locals for some waterfalls, and they pointed this one out as being one of the most beautiful. Getting there was already a big adventure itself, but it will worth all your driving and hiking.

The waterfall does not have a specific location on google maps and the only sign you will see is upon arrival, written on a wall, painted with bright colors saying, “Montpellier Waterfall”. Once you arrive, the little children will show you the way. Do not worry, it is safe! You will walk through the forest, passing people’s houses and farms, seeing magical landscapes, until you finally arrive to one of the most breathtaking waterfalls we have seen, you really have to stretch your neck so you can see it in its whole, as it is super big.

Take your time to enjoy the peacefulness of that place, dive and swim with the locals and appreciate the untouched beauty of wild nature.

Location: On the road of Alegria village take the road that leads you up the hill on your left, just where the petrol station is. Keep on the road for 15 min and you will reach the waterfall, you can’t miss the sign!

Fee: Free

Binalayan Waterfalls

A little further south you will find Binalayan, a tourist attraction in Tangbo province. This ones are only accessible with a local guide, as a way to support the local business, so expect to pay a fee before you enter, usually around 60 PHP + a tip to the guide. The falls itself are not as wild as Montpellier, but still worth to check out and have a great time exploring its surroundings.

Location: Samboan, Cebu

Fee: 60 PHP (1€ / 1.13 $) + tip to your local guide

Aguinid Waterfalls

Aguinid are located just 2km away from Binalayan hidden waterfalls, so you can go there straight after it. We try to get in and see the waterfalls, but on the day we went there was a sort of big celebrations on site, with hundreds of people, so we called that one off, but we still advise you to check them out, as they look really wonderful.

Location: Santander - Barili - Toledo Rd, Samboan, Cebu

Fee: 60 PHP (1€ / 1.13 $) + tip to your local guide

Inambakan Falls

Inambakan are one of those places that will instantly make you fall in love by its wild vibes around. Located well far from the villages, embed in the mountains, will provide you the best time on the island. Once you go down the stairway, take a moment to spend some time admiring the small crystal clear blue lagoons that are made by the actual waterfall flow. Once you are done with them, keep straight till you reach Inambakan waterfall. You can swim or jump from a high point there, which is awesome to do! Allow yourself some time there, soaking up all the natural surroundings, while having a refreshing swim under the waterfall.

Location: Bayan ng Ginatilan, Lalawigan ng Cebu

Fee: 50 PHP per person entrance fee + 15 PHP parking fee

Kawasan Falls

After taking the road less traveled and explored all other waterfalls on site, we had to check Kawasan Falls and we must say that we were surprised by its beauty and glory. We read so many blogs and articles about it and all pointed out that they are super busy, full of tourists and tours, so we decided to come up with a strategy to beat the crowds and we actually had the chance to experience the real beauty of the falls, all for ourselves for about 45 minutes, how cool is that?!

We woke up before the sunrise and head over Kawasan falls right after the first rays of light were coming through the sky. We parked our motorbike on the parking lot and walked 15 minutes until the actual waterfall site and we were blown away big and blue it was. We had arrived at 6:30 in the morning, which means no stalls, no noise and no tourists. We could shoot and enjoy our time there swimming and playing around.

What most people do not know, is that Kawasan falls are actually composed by 3 levels, and usually tend just to see the first one, take a picture and go away, but there is much more beauty waiting to be experienced! On the left side of the first waterfall, you have a little stairway going all the way up. Follow it until you reach the second level, where you have another waterfall, not as glorious as the first, but with a much more wild vibe around. We took some time to swim and chill on a bamboo raft, before we venture ourselves till the 3rd level. The path to the last waterfall is really steep, so make sure you bring comfortable shoes for this one! We were really excited to explore this last level, as we really wanted to photograph there, but apparently there was no more water running down, but that didn’t stop us from exploring and find new spots, and soon we found a little hidden gem on our way there.

Kawasan are well known by its canyoneering adventure tours, so if you want to partake in other activities, this is always a good option for you.

Location: Alegria, Cebu

Fee: parking fee 50 pesos (0,80€) + entrance fee 40 pesos p/person (0.69€)