Best Non-Crowded Places In The South Of Portugal

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We've spent three weeks roaming around the South of Portugal, driving along the coast and exploring the sandy beaches. We're sure that you've all heard about the Algarve and its wonderful spots, but today we're sharing some secret places, new, special and full of sunny vibes! The South of Portugal is known for its resorts, golf, tourists and beaches where you can barely move during the summer! If you are looking for natural, wild places and away from the crowd, these three spots are perfect for you.


A place rich in architecture, beaches and many spots to explore. But there's a very special beach that will make you fall in love with its rock formations and bright blue water - Praia de Albandeira. It is Portugal's best kept secret, a beautiful small sandy beach where you can hear the seagulls singing without the noise of boat engines or any other human works. There is no beach bar, there are no bathrooms, there are no tour companies to explore the place. Everything here is raw, natural and absolutely beautiful!


You probably know this place because of its variety of tourist-friendly beaches, bars, summer nightlife, restaurants, hotels and so on.. But there's something you may not know - Lagos has the best view of the sunset over the ocean! We advice you to spend the day at Praia dos Três Irmãos and then head off to Ponta da Piedade. Follow the stairs that are in the middle of the rock formations until you're down there in the middle of huge rocks, natural caves and sea creatures! Then go up the stairs and look for the highest point to admire the sunset.


Aljezur is a land with remote origins. It is located along the western coast of the Algarve, within the Southwest Alentejo and St. Vincent Coast Nature Park. In this region you can find cultural landscapes, histo-cultural circuits and recreational trails and amazing sea fronts. The place is well known by its alternative communities, surfers, and nomadic tribes. It is super open-minded and full of lovely people! We recommend you to explore its three main beaches: Praia do Monte Clérigo, Praia da Arrifana and Praia da Amoreira. They are all so different and super special.

Now bring your swimsuit and dive into the salty clean waters. Enjoy while these places are not crowded and overexploited!