Are We Human Beings Or Human Doings?

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We came to this world without knowing anything. We open our eyes and we have a blank page where we can write all our stories and save all our memories. We don't know where we want to go, what we want to do or who we want to be. And one thing that we all have in common is that we all want the same thing in life - to find what makes us truly happy. We all spend our time trying to find our mission in this world, we want to know our purpose. And most of us do. But not all of us follow it.

We spend our lives doing. Doing the maths to save money for that dream trip and lists of endless dreams that we never try to make true. Doing the work our boss commands and being what society demands. Doing more. Doing faster. Doing everything. And anything. We ignore our wishes, our happiness, our being. We know we don't love that person anymore. We don't like that job. We wish everything was different. And one day we realize we're not happy anymore. But we keep doing it. Because that s***** life has now become our comfort zone.

So, we pretend we're happy. We spend all the time doing the right thing. Doing what we are expected to do. Telling everyone we're fine.
Where is the time to be? Aren't we human beings? Where is that person we really are when nobody is watching? Where is the courage to fight for that dreamy job, that is only a dream because we don't even try to make it our reality? Where is the time to be with people? To really and simply be.

Being is what makes us different from animals, plants or things. But if we're not being, are we that different? Who are we? Who are you? And most important - who would you be if no one told you what to do? We let others command our lives and then we blame them for our unhappiness. But we are the ones responsible for everything and anything that is happening in our lives. Your life is in your hands. It only depends on you. What would you do if you had your whole life back again? Who would you be if you could be anything you want? Just be. Because you can, and you deserve it. You deserve a life that is truly yours.

With love,