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When we first looked at Siem Reap as our destination in Cambodia, we were expecting to have all the cultural feelings and hospitality that the Khmer culture is known for. After a deep research, it was with great pleasure that we found the wonderful Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa, the first and only family owned resort in the city. Wherever we go, we look for true and meaningful experiences, and we couldn’t feel more at home, while hosted by this super friendly resort.
Not only every person that works there is very nice and polite, but also give you the feeling that you are part of the family, and that is one of the things we most loved about it.

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About Angkor Miracle

You probably won’t believe if we tell you that this resort is 100% family owned, which means that they handle all operations by themselves and aim to keep the true essence of Khmer hospitality, so their guests feel welcomed and part of the family. Fascinating, isn’t is?

Their mission is to preserve the Cambodian culture, combining the luxury experience of a 5-star resort, with wooden decorated rooms, beautiful gardens with Buddha statues and many other amenities that will make you feel part of Cambodia’s precious treasure.

Located just 5 km from Siem Reap International airport and a short 8 min ride from the city center, this is the perfect place to stay for the complete historical experience in Cambodia’s lost city.

Our experience

There was no better way to start our 15 day stay in Siem Reap than enjoying what Angkor Miracle has to offer. After a heartwarming welcome, we were introduced to its facilities and soon realized that it would be a complete different experience from what we're used to.

We spent the most wonderful time here, enjoying delicious traditional food at their restaurant, where the Chef made such an amazing effort to attend our vegan diet restrictions. We also loved our time sunbathing by the salt water pool and relaxing in our cozy and comfortable bedroom.

What we weren’t expecting was the surprise we had at the Spa! We were going for a traditional and relaxing massage, but we were gifted with the most beautiful fruit and flower bath setting we’ve ever seen.

Angkor Miracle strives for its uniqueness and loyalty to their roots and values, and we are so grateful for being part of the family during our stay.

Cambodia Siem Reap Angkor Miracle Resort and Spa Buddha garden nature love peace serenity find your light outdoors khmer culture
Cambodia Siem Reap Angkor Miracle Resort and Spa Buddha garden nature love peace serenity find your light outdoors khmer culture
Cambodia Siem Reap Angkor Miracle Resort and Spa Buddha garden nature love peace serenity find your light outdoors khmer culture couple love travel mindfulness

Angkor’s ethical and social commitment

Cambodia is known to be one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, having so many families that rely on the help from social projects and NGOs. The resort is fully committed to help some of these projects and associations with fundraising events and supporting families & individuals by giving them job opportunities. Not only they are proudly committed to help the local communities, Angkor Miracle is making some huge efforts in implementing ecological changes in their facilities and making environmental friendly choices, like refillable water stations, banning single use plastic by replacing plastic straws for metal ones, and also recycling the majority of the waste. With all the small improvements this hotel is making, we know that soon Angkor Miracle will be recognized as the best place in Siem Reap for those who are looking to have the most authentic Khmer experiences!

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Thank you Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa, for all the true and meaningful connections we made with each one of you and the cultural experiences we had, you’ll be forever in our hearts.