A Travel Guide To Nusa Lembongan And Ceningan


One of the things you should do while in the beautiful island of Bali, is to take a trip to the crystal blue islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. They are located at just a short boat trip away from the mainland and there you can find the perfect escape and enjoy beautiful sandy beaches and outstanding viewpoints. Here is all you need to know to make a short trip to these islands.

How to get to Nusa Lembongan

There are several boat companies that make this journey to the island, weather you choose to come from the mainland or from Nusa Penida Island. We chose to come from the mainland, so we drove our scooter till Sanur harbour.

Once there you will find several fast boat cruises companies and other local boats, but we strongly advise you to go on a fast cruise, not only is safer but also quicker (slow local boats can take up to two hours to make the journey, while fast boats don’t take more than 45 minutes).

We chose Scoot Fast Cruises as our cruise company and we couldn’t be happier with it. Fast trip, safe, high number of seats and reliable. Once you get to Sanur you will find their ticket store on the way to the harbour. A single journey ticket can go from 400,000 IDR (24 eur / 28 $), which is a lot so do never accept this price, bargain it up to 50% less of it.

Get around the island

Once you arrive to Toyopakeh harbour in Nusa Lembongan, you can search around for some scooter rental companies, as ridding a scooter is one of the best ways to explore the island, being way cheaper than taxis. You can rent a scooter from 70,000 IDR (4,20 eur / 4,90 $) a day but they will make the price they want so make sure you keep sure you stick to the lowest mark possible.

If you choose to ride a scooter, please be careful as some of the roads are in really bad condition and ask for a helmet, usually they don’t give you one as they claim not being necessary. If you are an experienced driver it will be fine, but if you are not used to ride a motorbike think deeply if you want to do it here.

Where to go


 Dream Beach

This is our top choice for the perfect beach sunset. Located on the southwest part of the island, there you can find the perfect sandy paradise with crystal blue waters. Go before sunset to catch some sun rays and stay till the golden hour to experience beautiful colours in the sky, while enjoying a fresh juice. 

Devil’s Tear

Where the land meets the sea, this is the perfect spot for an epic sunset view. It can get crowded during this time of the day, but you will have so many different perspectives to admire the strong sea crashing through the rocks, while the sun sets on the horizon.

Sandy Bay

Located near Devil’s tear, considered one of the best sunset spots on the island, where you can enjoy a drink from the bar and have the ocean as your main landscape. It will be super crowded at sunset, so avoid this place if you prefer to enjoy this moment in a more relaxed way.

Mushroom beach

The best beach to sunbathe, here you can lay down on your towel and enjoy all the sunny vibes that you can get while on a tropical island. Park your scooter nearby and enjoy the blue refreshing waters of this little slice of paradise.

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Located just beside Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan is a small island that doesn’t have much to see, so you can cover it up all in one morning or afternoon.

The Yellow Bridge

This is one of the main attractions on these islands, being the only way to go from one island to the other. The Yellow bridge is super small, but it is worthy to stop and admire it while on your way to Nusa Ceningan. Be careful while driving through the bridge, it hardly fit 2 motorbikes at the same time!

Blue Lagoon

One of the most beautiful viewpoints on the island, with an extensive landscape of several cliffs facing the deep blue ocean. Keep in mind that it can be super windy on this part of the island so be careful while walking along the cliffs. Embrace your adventurous spirit and get ready for the most stunning views of your life!

Mahana Point Cliff Jump

Located just near Blue lagoon there is a super cool cliff jump for the more wild spirits out there. If this is something you love, head over to this spot and jump into the blue ocean. Mahana Point it is also a nice viewpoint, where you can relax and see some awesome surfers ridding the waves

Top choices for food

Where to stay

Some tips

  • While on the island make sure you carry money with you, as 95% of all restaurants and accommodations only accept cash as payment. In Nusa Lembongan you have a few ATM’s (4 or 5 total so make sure you withdraw some money beforehand.

  • Be careful on the roads, you will find some hard paths while on the way to some attractions.

  • Don’t forget to bargain the prices, usually they will ask way more to a tourist than a local.