A Day In The Jungle With Badoca Safari Park

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freeoversea at badoca safari park

Spring means sun, nature and animals! And there's nothing better than having these beauties all together!  To celebrate spring, we spent a day in Badoca Safari Park, a unique place in Portugal dedicated to the conservation of species.

The day was full of activities and we advise you to arrive early so you can enjoy the maximum of the park! We started with a walk around the island area and then we went to the presentation of carnivorous birds. At the orders of a coach, eagles, owls and vultures are some of the stars of this show, who through their flight show their main characteristics and their behaviours. You can also interact with these amazing beings!

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After that, it was time for a lemurs feeding session - an invitation to habitat conservation and biodiversity conservation, a caretaker feeds the ring-tailed lemurs and red-bellied lemurs, endemic endemics of Madagascar. In this session you can observe the excellent climbing abilities of these animals that live most of the time in the trees, at the same time as an alert is made for the destruction of the forest in Madagascar and the impact that human activities can have on the ecosystem. The Badoca Safari Park is the only zoological park in Portugal that has its guarded red-bellied lemur. They have an island with unique conditions for this species, providing welfare conditions that allow animals to exhibit natural behaviors, such as those observed in the wild. Ex situ conservation is carried out through participation in captive breeding programs, through which it is possible to conserve these endangered species, genetically diversify captive populations and then reintroduce them into their habitat.

The perfect end of a day? A safari in a jeep to discover the African Savannah, a unique experience where there will be plenty of opportunities for interaction and close contact with giraffes, zebras, antelopes, ostriches and buffaloes. The Badoca Safari Park has the animals in freedom, in a 45 hectare area in order to provide the best conditions of animal welfare, offering a more realistic representation of the functioning of the ecosystems, which does not happen in the regime of captivity, characteristic of the traditional zoos. While the sun is getting to ready to set and you're listening to the sound of the warm breeze between the trees, this experience is as unique as breathtaking - so the best way to find out more about it is really to go there and feel/see it all by yourself!

Animal conservation, conscious living and protection of the Planet Earth are really important subjects that should not only be taught during our childhood, but also remembered as adults. We only have one Earth, and Mother Nature is as unique as it is, so let's take care of our land, our home, ourselves. Take a walk on the wild side with Badoca Safari Park and enjoy life!