A Day In Lake Bled

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Slovenia is a country where beautiful green landscapes contrast with the moody skies, painting a beautiful scenery from dawn till dusk. One of the most iconic and magical places we wanted to visit during our interrail was Lake Bled. We’ve seen so many photos from this pearl and each one made us dream! So, we took the train from Zagreb to Bled and got ready for an amazing day exploring its wonders.

We spent 2 nights in Bled, which gives you enough time to do and see everything around, as the village is not that big, but if you want to see every corner and viewpoint, you must plan it in advance, so you don’t lose any sight. On the first night we took some time to rest at the hostel and in the following morning we woke up at sunrise, took the bus to the village and start our dreamy day. The lake has a 6 km extension around, which you can walk along, always feeling the fresh breeze that passes by and admire those infinite blues, reflecting the sun rays on our faces. Start the walk at any point and then take time to adventure and seek the best views over this gem.

Castle Bled

Our first stop was at the Castle, situated on the top of a hill with an amazing view over the lake and the mountains. We were at this place at sunrise and the sensations were surreal. The bright sky, birds singing, that peacefulness of nature with no human activity surrounding us set the perfect tone for the day. If you want to have a different perspective, make a reservation at the castle restaurant and experience a different beauty around. The entrance fee to the castle will be free if you have reservation at the restaurant.

Velika Osojnica

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After the descend from the castle, we continued our walk along the lake, passed the camping sight and just 500 m ahead you have a hiking trail towards the most amazing and highest view point over the lake. The path is guided by some plaques with the name of the view points so make sure you follow Velika Osojnica, and when you want to assure you are on the right track, look for the signs indicating the hiking trail number 6 (painted in red on the trees). It’s a 40 min walking all the way up, though the forest, which will make you feel so connected with mother nature. After you reach the top and see the last plaque, go right and follow the little path that will lead you to the most breathtaking view ever over the lake and the island in the middle, a true ode to the wonders of this planet.

Mala Osojnica

On your way back down to the lake, take the path that leads you to Mala Osojnica, one of the points with an amazing central view to the lake, where you can sit down on the bench, taking the time to capture every detail from the scenery. This view point is one of the most beautiful as you can see all the mountains on the background. Make sure you take your time, the walk can be difficult, so you’ll need to stop and really appreciate every corner and every breach of landscape you may found.

Wellness Ziva

When you’re done exploring the viewpoints, finish your round along the lake, it’s such a mystical place and that immensity of greens surrounding you will make you fall in love with our beautiful planet. To perfectly finish this exciting day, why not taking some time to relax and appreciate the mountain view while on a pool?
The Welness Ziva Center from Sava Hotels will provide you one of the most relaxing moments while in Bled, not only to cleanse your body and mind but also to invigorate your soul. The Wellness Center is located in the village and has an indoor heated pool complex with a jacuzzi, a stunning small outdoor pool with a mesmerizing view to the mountains and many saunas to enjoy. We were invited to come in and as soon we dive in those warm waters it felt like our bodies were levitating. It’s such a great experience while in Bled and the perfect end of day. Ziva is the proof that you can have the best of both worlds: having some time to relax and breathe the fresh air from the mountains.