5 Things That Are Essential To Our Daily Life

When we think about the path we have taken in our lives, when people ask us what we need for our well-being or to feel at home, we can find many different answers, as we know that life is not stable and we believe that our needs change according to time, place and environment... But wherever we are, some things are just essential for our happy daily life:


The sound of the birds singing, the rain falling through the window, the children laughing, or the wind touching the leaves... Music is present in our lives since we are babies - on the radio, in supermarkets, on the streets and even in the most sacred temples - music is everywhere.
We all know that music reduces stress and anxiety, decreases pain, helps with mental problems and other diseases. But for us, it is much more than that. Music represents the words we can't express, our thoughts, the way we feel and our emotional side. It is a communication tool, it shapes behaviours and influences relationships.


Plants and animals have a very important role in human life, they make us feel calm, compassionate and real. They provide us food, labor and tools, but they also have given us their company over generations, and that is very important as we are social beings - nature is everything. Plants make us feel fresh, renewed, in peace. We love long walks in nature, filling our body with fresh air and rejuvenating our mind. 
Wherever we go, we feel a really deep connection with animals, especially dogs, they have something in their eyes that make us fall in love at first sight! Our love for animals is also one of the reasons why we choose a vegan lifestyle.


Food is one of those happy things that help us appreciate life so much more! We love cooking together, trying different recipes, finding new places with delicious food, or sharing dinner with friends and family. We love that happiness at the table, and sharing life stories while eating and drinking together is one of our favourite things to do with those we love. But especially good food - whole, organic and plant-based - it gives us energy, uplifts our mood and fills our stomach with the healthiest love. We believe that eating is creating memories, and we have really good ones at the table.


and by people we mean real people!
Different cultures, small communities, happy children, wise adults - sharing, learning, giving, loving, growing together! We feel a deep desire to not following a routine, not being in the same place for too long,  make real connections with real people. We love being inspired by people's personalities, listening to their life stories, learning about their traditions, helping to fulfill their dreams and sharing smiles.


No matter the country, the time or the moment we are going through, we like to look at ourselves as individual beings. Although we are a couple, we have different needs, tastes and personalities. We never stop being ourselves because of the presence of the other, but sometimes it is good to spend some time alone to reconnect with the essence of our own being. Each person has unique characteristics that must be respected and nurtured, that's what keep us so special.