48 Hours In Budapest

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Do you believe in fairy tales and love cities that look like one? Do you love castles and lovely bridges? Do you like to admire amazing architecture? If your answer to all these questions was yes, then the Hungarian capital is the right city for you!
We didn't know much about Budapest, but we found wonderful things about it while preparing our European Interrail, so we had to add it to our plan - and we're so happy we did it!

We had 48 hours to explore the city, and our expectations were beaten by its magical wonders and alternative style. With only two days, we got a map at the hostel and chose wisely what to do and see. Budapest is a big city but the most amazing sights are not that far away from each others. We stayed near the Great Market Hall, the biggest local market in Budapest where you can find almost everything, from groceries to little handcraft stalls so if you are looking for cheap fruit and veggies this is the place. After exploring the market and the surroundings, we prepared everything for the next day. It is important to say that we woke up at 4 am and went to bed at midnight! So, we did the following itinerary in one day - Yes, we're a bit crazy when travelling - but we advice you to do it in two days, so you can have time to deeply enjoy it! Here is our itinerary in beautiful Budapest:

Fisherman’s Bastion

Located in the Buda part of the Danube, this magnificent Dominican church rises with its magical tones and patterns, where you can experience the most beautiful sunrise over the city. This is the photographer’s paradise as each corner and view is the perfect set for epic shots. We arrived there at 5:30 am so we could get the best light. It’s totally free to go there, the only thing that it’s closed, and you have to pay, is to climb to the towers. But if you go early in the morning, no one is there and you can have access to it (just don't tell anyone we did it). The scenery from up there is amazing, with the sun pointing to the river and the parliament on the background. If you want to truly experience its magic, we advise you to arrive early, before 9 am, time when all excursions and buses arrive.

Royal Palace

After you get the best sunrise vibes, head towards the gardens of the Royal Palace. At just a short walking distance from the Bastion, you will find an amazing building with a huge garden where you can walk along and get an amazing view over the city and all the bridges. It is free to go to the gardens so if you love stunning views, you will be mesmerized by the scenery you’ll find in this place - a perfect complement to a magical morning.


Probably the most iconic spot in the city, the Parliament building is a proof that Hungarian architecture is one of the most wonderful in Europe. While everybody loves to go inside and get lost with the details and facades, we chose to find the best view over the building. So, on our way back to the metro station near the Bastion (Batthyány tér) we found the perfect place, just by the river. We sat on the wall and appreciate the beautiful front of the parliament, with the birds singing and dancing in the sky, feeling the fresh breeze that flows by the Danube, what a scenario!

Vegan garden food street

After an epic morning and the whole day walking, our bodies were asking for green and pure food. One of the many good things about Instagram is that you can search places of interest easily, so after a time looking at our options, we found @vegangardenbudapest -  this page shars all the amazing vegan places you can find in Dob street (Dob Utca) and the ones nearby! We were fascinated by the concept of vegan street food, so we headed to Kazinczy street where we found a food truck patio with so many options for everyone! In the end of the path, there they were, the best hamburgers in town. Las Vegans (@lasvegansbp) is a vegan food truck where everything is organic and delicious. You can choose from a lot of different flavours and patties, completing your menu with a fresh fruit smoothie.


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With our bodies back to live thanks to the amazing green food, it was time to chase the sunset! And the best place to to get the magical tones and views over the city, is definitely Citadella. Once you get there, don’t get beaten by the hard climbing you got to do to reach the top, embrace it and take your time because it is so worthy! With different view points along the way where you can have a break, the view over Budapest is the most stunning one, and with the sun setting over the horizon, it turns everything even more epic. We climbed till the last view point and we were amazed by the infinite vibes of this amazing city. If you prefer the city lights by night, wait until the dark rises and admire the bridges lightning up and shining.

Chain Bridge

For the perfect end of a day, we had to go to the chain bridge and see its magical lights. One of the most beautiful things Budapest has to offer is the festival of lights that illuminates all the city in the evenings! What we loved the most was the view to the bridge, where not only you could admire its beauty but also contemplate the bastion and the royal palace illuminated on the back. Make a wish there, and make it true the following day!

Budapest was the proof that a place doesn't always have to be expensive to be good! And there are wonderful places waiting to be explored, so what are you waiting for?