Traveling Is Always A Good Idea

traveling is always a good idea

Traveling is a huge part of our lives as humans - we are natural explorers, we want to connect with others and we are curious to see what's on the other side. It may be that you want to observe other ways of life, walk around different floors or swim in the most wonderful seas, but one thing is for sure: you simply love the excitement of being in a new and unfamiliar place!
It is scientifically proven that traveling is healthy for your mind, body and soul. But even before it was scientifically proven, we can feel it with our own heart and body - traveling brings us great things. So here is a small list of the reasons that keep us traveling.

Your brain grows

When you visit a new place, your brain extensions called dendrites literally grow, making your brain grow capacity-wise. You welcome new ideas and fresh knowledge from learning about different cultures and contexts. The level of stress while traveling can also be a big factor, but did you know that this can actually be good for your brain? The stress you get while traveling helps your brain becoming more engaged in the process of things in a deeper level than usual. It doesn't have to be your dream trip, a simple hike or a short walk can create great memories and experiences.


It improves your health

It is scientifically proven that physical movement lowers blood pressure and the risk of heart attack or other diseases. When we travel we release stress, we forget about the problems and the frantic lives our are so used to have. When you travel, you get inspired by different people, cultures and the surroundings, enhancing your creativity. You get away from your daily activities, you stop thinking about all the tasks you have to do, you smile more often, you share moment, experiences and life - you become healthier.


You become more open-minded

So many of us are picky about food, places and the people who surround us. The more a person travels, the more they are open to trying unfamiliar things. We become more adventurous and able to leave our comfort zones, which brings us more learning, growth and understanding. We are more open to trying unfamiliar things, like scuba diving or sleeping in a hanging tent on the side of the mountain. All travelers are susceptible to trying at least one insane thing, no matter how crazy it is.


It creates a different perspective

We all have different perspectives on life and everything around us. You have your own ideas, opinions, ways of thinking and doing things. When you explore an unfamiliar place, you begin to see a different way of doing, a different way of thinking, a different way of living. You get the chance to be in another earthy dweller's shoes and to expand the way they look at life, at others, at themselves. When you observe something new, you get a new learning that allows you to solve problems from a detached view, through someone else's eyes.


It positively affects your being

When you are finally out of your comfort zone, you begin to realize that every moment is important, big or little, good or bad, everything happens for a reason. You understand that every little moment brought you to this point of your life. You become more patient with yourself and the others. You accept everything and everyone. You learn that everything comes and goes in the right time.

~ What keeps you traveling?