Let Life Surprise You Or Do It Yourself

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Life keeps surprising us, especially when we leave our comfort zone.
Two years ago, we decided to leave our country, our families, our absolutely everything. We moved from Portugal to Ireland (knowing nothing about that country), fighting for our dreams, pursuing happiness and a better life. We had the perfect job, working together with children, and the perfect house, big enough for all friends and family, but guess what? For some reason, we could never call Ireland home.
It wasn't the rainy seasons, the cultural differences or how much we missed those we love - it was the sun, or the lack of it. Not the one that you see above the clouds every day, but the one that you can only find within yourself.

We spent months and months trying to stay positive, trying to be open-minded and open-hearted, trying to do what everyone was telling us to do - entertain yourself, go outside, make friends, hold on to that job, think about all the good things you have.. We did everything, we tried to look at all positive sides possible, we followed every little advice, but we failed - and we're so glad we did! The big house was not enough, the highest role in our job was not enough, the wonderful green land was not enough, we were not living our dream anymore. We were grateful for every little thing we had, but we were not happy at all. We hit the bottom, and we hit it so hard that we rise and reborn.

It was time to do the hard thing, to make that life-changing decision, to listen to ourselves, to take the risk - and this time, we surprised life.
We quit our jobs, but more important, we said goodbye to the sadness and everything that no longer resonated with us. If you are wondering how did we have the courage to do that - how could we not? How can we spend our days living a life that is designed by others, based on society rules and their goals for humanity? How can we forget our dreams, our own goals, our true selves? We chose to lose everything we had, so we don't lose our life anymore.

We are not rich, we are not super humans, we are not famous - we are powerful, fighters and survivors, just like you! We believe that there are so many people in the same situation as we were before: believing that you have to live the life that was already projected for you, but let us tell you something: we are all society, we are all the people in the world, and we are the designers of our own destiny, so make it real, make it yours! Take actions that go according to who you are, what you want to do and where you want to be - you will get there!

We are now on a journey around the world, discovering new places, positive influencing communities, empowering people, being happy, and making real connections with real people on this real planet.
Like we said at the beginning, "life keeps surprising us, especially when we leave our comfort zone", so we did - we are leaving our comfort zone to find home everywhere and anywhere in the world! We are completely detached from society concepts, world rules or life plans. And we are so ready for something new - bring it on!