6 Things I've Learned From Living Abroad

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Almost two years ago, I decided to leave my comfort zone and live abroad. I left my family, my friends, my routine, my country, my dogs, my comfort, my home. I left everything I had. Everything to pursue a dream, which turned all other thousand dreams into reality.
I've always been super adventurous and a "natural gypsy," but that was the biggest step I've taken in my entire life. I left everything for a job and a country I barely knew! To be completely honest, Ireland has never been in my plans before, but with this big step I've learned more than ever! So here are the main lessons...

You are stronger than you think
I have been put in situations that I never thought I would be able to handle, but actually going through them made me realize how strong we can be! We tend to underestimate ourselves, afraid of what might be coming - it's always easier to say we can't do something instead of taking risks, right? Wrong! Taking risks will teach you that you have so much to see, do, live! The situations that tested me the most were those where I felt I failed. And those moments where I felt I failed were the ones that helped me grow, and that I will take with me all my life. When we challenge ourselves to leave our comfort zones, we are able to recognize the vulnerability that exists within ourselves, and to work on it. It can be scary at first, but it's possible, and worth it.

An open mind is essential for growth
People always told me that I was very open minded, but living abroad took me to the next level! Everything we learn is relative. And in order to grow, we have to challenge our own thoughts and beliefs. Being open minded is not only being able to accept everyone, but also to move away from our own ideas and get involved in all new things. An open mind will take you further in life and you will feel connected to everyone and everything with this mindset!

Some people just don’t get it
This is definitely one of the harder lessons you’ll learn. The reality is that some people just don’t get it. They will assume you’re running away from something or question how you could possibly be happy living so far from "home". You will try to explain it from your point of view, but in the end, you’ll just go around in circles.
It’s different and risky and for some it’s pretty shocking, so you can’t expect everyone to understand what you’re doing. You just have to suck it up, smile and know in your heart that what you’re doing is the right thing for you.

You should never ever feel stuck
Nothing is permanent. Nothing! If you have a plan that doesn't mean you are obligated to follow it, not even when you told it to someone. If something is not for you or you are not happy, it is okay to admit it and to make other plans! My initial plan was to stay in Ireland for two years and it took me a bit long to admit that I wasn't happy with that plan anymore. But when I did it, when I finally admitted I wasn't happy enough, amazing things started happening and my life started to make sense again!

You don't have to know everything
I always loved plans. And I always thought I needed a plan. That I needed to know exactly where I was going, when I was going and what I was doing. But today I know that I don't have to know everything. Even if people ask you what your plans are, it is okay to tell them you don't know. You can have general ideas and outlines of what you want to do, but leave the rest open - somehow everything will fall into place.

Anything and everything is possible
The decision to change your life is hard. Moving is stressful. But if you want to grow, you have to change some things in your life. You are the creator of your own life. You decide what you want to do. Some things feel like a dream, entirely out of our reach and something we are not able to make a reality, but after a few moves, there we are.. living our dream. Sometimes you just have to try and reach your goals. Do not let anyone or anything make you feel like you can't accomplish something. You need to go for it, start doing. Because anything and everything is possible if you choose to go for it.


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