One Week Wandering In Corfu

one week wandering in corfu
sidari beach
perama beach
canal d'amour, sidari
corfu old fortress
corfu old town
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perama beach corfu
beach corfu perama
perama beach
corfu perama beach

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When I thought about going to Corfu, in Greece, there was a mix of feelings and thoughts. I had read many things about the island and knew that there were different opinions, so I decided to clear my mind of pre-made concepts and I started the adventure! I know that when you talk about the Greek islands, everyone thinks about Santorini, but with a reasonable budget and a week ahead, all the roads lead me to Corfu, so there I was! 40°C degrees during the day, very hot and dry, endless sunshine, the perfect weather to spend a week diving on the beautiful beaches of the island. 

Corfu Town
With lots of things to see and do, this small town will make you feel like you're traveling in time. There's the new town and the old town, where you can't miss the Old Fortress and New Fortress. If you love architecture, you also need to go to the Palace of St Michael and St George located in the Spianada Square - perfect for taking pictures and relaxing. For the perfect end of the day, go to The Liston, take a seat and enjoy a cocktail while listening to live music.

Canal d'Amour, Sidari
Here you will find stunning coastal views of the local area and you will also be able to see Albania across the sea. There's a huge rock structure, and small cove. Be prepared to also find unnatural things, like sunbeds and rubbish. In the area you can find several taverns, restaurants and bars, but please make sure you take your rubbish with you when you leave the beach.

This is a "must-do" in Corfu, but don't set your expectations too high. I'm not going to say that the beach is not beautiful, because it is absolutely divine, but the people.. the natural beauty of this place is completely over explored by boats, jet skis, sightseeing tours, and everything you can imagine. I recommend you to go for a day, try to find some personal space in the sand, swim in the clear water and eat on a terrace, with wonderful views of the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains.

For the last 4 days, we stayed in Perama, an area in Corfu with many hotels and shops. We chose the Aeolos Beach Resort for our stay and we couldn't be more satisfied! The hotel has amazing pool areas, restaurants, lots of activities and a private beach. The beach was like a dream, with clear waters and areas free of sunbeds, finally! 

If you're thinking in visit Corfu, I recommend you to explore different beaches during the first 3/4 days and then enjoy the other days at a resort where you can really rest and swim in the warm, calm and crystal clear waters! I also took advantage of this time to think about humanity vs nature, as some places in Corfu (and in the rest of the world) are being destroyed because of our need to make money! So, whenever and wherever you go, please don't forget to respect what was there before you!

- stay natural & be free