Reconnect With Yourself This Autumn

reconnect with yourself this autumn

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We're almost at the end of September and I can't believe how fast this year has passed! A few months ago, I was exploring my senses in Marrakech and enjoying the incredible beaches of Corfu, and now I just want to think about the next season! Autumn is actually one of my favorite times of the year - lighting the fireplace, putting on warm socks to walk at home, watching the rain through the window.. Everything is warm and cosy even when the sun doesn't shine every day!

The equinox happens when the sun crosses the celestial equator, making day and night nearly the same length all over the world. This time represents a shift in the seasons, where the energy of the sun and moon are in complete balance. Changes in nature start to happen and, as we are all connected to this earth and to each other, we often feel those changes within our own soul. So that these changes occur as naturally as possible and to keep your own vibration, do activities that keep you in touch with nature and with yourself, here are some of my favourites:

Cosy up
Staying cozy is my favourite thing to do during Autumn - give me a blanket and a hot chocolate and you will make my day! Spend time with yourself and with those you love. Find a peaceful and relaxing playlist, add fairy lights and candles to rooms for a cosy and warm atmosphere in the evenings.

Visit your local bookshop and find a new book to read, you can learn so much about yourself by spending time reading. It is super relaxing and it can help you improve your own communication skills: reading between the lines, seeing things from another perspective and traveling to deeper levels of your mind.

Watch inspirational videos
If reading is not for you and you prefer browsing online, explore inspirational videos and motivational TED talks. Feed your soul with positive energies! I recommend you to watch this one in which Dan Gilbert explains how to find happiness without changing a thing.

Have real conversation with real people
Get away from virtual networks and make real connections. Try to make each conversation meaningful, ask other people about their passions, their perspectives and fears. Get to know your peers better and learn from their mistakes and successes. Don't judge, just listen. Honest conversations can be a motivation for positive change.

We all know about meditation and its benefits, so why not start? Start or finish each day with a 15 minute meditation session. In the beginning, it can be difficult to stay focused on your breath and empty your mind completely, but soon it will become super natural and healthy!

Drink tea
Drinking tea is extremely healthy and it can become a stress-reducing ritual if you do it daily. Find a short period of time, especially after a long day, and be on your own, enjoy every sip while listening to music, writing or just savoring the silence.

Let the changes of the Autumn be positively reflected in our own being and you may find that your energies begin syncing up with that of Mother Earth. What are your favourite activities for this time of the year?