Fashion A Better World With Mata Traders

fashion a better world with mata traders
fashion a better world with mata traders
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Everything started when three best friends traveled around the world and landed on India for four months! They fell in love with the culture, people and the colorful textiles, and decided to make the country part of their lives. Mata Traders is a fair trade brand that aims to inspire ethical companies and consumers to change the fashion industry, helping to end global poverty. I couldn't help but support the excellent work they have done and I'm sure that, after reading it, you will also want to be part of this great global change!

The Mata Traders mission is to "fashion a better world", with designs that celebrate a woman's originality. Their colorful designs are now sold in 50 stated and 12 countries, providing a stable source of income for families in some of the world's poorest communities.
Every time you buy Mata Traders, you:
- Preserve an Art form: Keeping alive craft traditions that date back centuries.
- Fight gender inequality: Helping women to progress in a stratified society.
- Empower women in India and Nepal: Giving them meaningful work and economic independence.
- Score serious karma points: Doing your part to change the world.
- Make and impact on global poverty: Lifting up communities with jobs, healthcare and education.
- Combat child labor: Providing opportunities for women, so they can send their children to school.

The clothing and accessories are made by artisans in India and Nepal who come from rural areas, tribal villages and urban slums. Mata Traders provide them the chance to earn a fair wage and lift their families and communities out of poverty. The brand also partners with fair trade organizations in India and Nepal that train and employ artisans in marginalized communities, focusing on gender equity and empowering women. They receive health care, paid maternity leave, retirement pensions and daycare. There are also literacy classes, computer training and regular workshops, providing education to everyone!

In a time where everything is fast produced, Mata Traders support the grous of traditional fabric producers and jewelry makers who remain active today. Artisans utilizing techniques like hand embroidery, block printing and screen printing make the brand super stylish! Mata Traders celebrate the talents and culture of all individuals, supporting traditional techniques and making every piece special and unique.
Mata Traders collection includes dresses, skirts, tops, jewelry and also beautiful pieces for beautiful curvy women, making sure nobody is left out!

You can find the Varenna maxi dress I'm using in Mata Traders online shop, in the dresses category. I love summer maxi dresses and this one is absolutely my favourite, not only because the colour is lovely, but the design is just perfect - with hidden pockets, drawstring waist and a wonderful pattern. It is made by 100% cotton and hand screen printed! What I love the most about this dress is that it is super comfortable and you don't even need to wear anything else because the dress makes the whole look! I wore it on the beach but it's also perfect for a walk during the day or even for a special event in the night.

Travel to Mata Traders website and start living life in colour! The actions we take today influence not only our tomorrow but the future of so many people! As consumers, we should choose only the best, globally, don't you agree?!

*This post was sponsored but all opinions are truly mine. Thanks to Mata Traders for making the world a better place.