Where To Eat Vegan In Marrakech

where to eat vegan in marrakech

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On my first time in Marrakech, one of my main concerns was the food! Marrakech - the land of leather, lamb tagines and chicken soup! No way we can find vegan restaurants here! I will be drinking mint tea for the whole week! These were my thoughts, but as soon as I got my first lunch in Marrakech, food was no longer a problem.. The city is full of places to eat and they are all fabulous! You can find traditional food and chinese, indian or italian restaurants, a bit of everything! But I know from experience that traveling and eating vegan is not always easy, so here is my top 8 of restaurants to eat vegan in Marrakech. (and they are all absolutely delicious!)

Le Jardin - oasis feeling
A magical oasis located right in the Souks! As soon as you walk in the little door you just want to stay there for the whole day! With biological products and a fabulous selection of fresh fruit juices, this is the perfect place to enjoy delicious food in a loving environment. Enjoy your meal while the turtles walk beside you, the birds sing and the leaves of the palm trees give you some fresh air. I recommend the Vegan Pasta.

le jardin restaurant marrakech
vegan pasta marrakech le jardin restaurant

Kui-Zin - best traditional
A traditional restaurant with a wonderful rooftop and live music! Get the real Marrakech experience - enjoy the vegetable tagine while listening the traditional music of Morocco and finish your evening with the most incredible mint tea I've ever had. Staff are lovely and they really make you feel at home.

kui zin restaurant marrakech
kui zin tagine restaurant marrakech

Kaowa - fancylicious
Located right at the exit of the Majorelle Garden, with an outside terrace. The presentation of the dishes will make you forget that you are in Morocco! Some staff do not speak English, but all are super attentive. The quinoa salad is absolutely lovely and the natural juices are the best!

kaowa restaurant marrakech vegan food

Cafe Arabe - rooftop experience
Lounge room and terrace with a charming atmosphere. Cafe Arabe serves Moroccan and Italian cuisine in a traditional and contemporary environment. The terrace is stunning, with an unforgettable view to the rooftops of Marrakech, great for watching the sunset while enjoying a wonderful dinner.

cafe arabe italian food in marrakech
cafe arabe restaurant marrakech

Kozybar - eat and refresh
With several rooms and terraces, this space is perfect for lunch, dinner or simply to drink something refreshing in the middle of the day. Kozybar serves international food and also Moroccan food. It's located between El Badi Palace and the Bahia Palace, but away from the confusion. I recommend you try the tofu dish, it is absolutely delicious!

kozybar vegan food marrakech

Cafe des epices - contemporary lounge
I discovered this restaurant after a horrible dinner in which me and my boyfriend couldn't even finish our meal. Cafe des epices is situated in the middle of the souks, but when you enter this place you completely forget where you are! The space is super nice with black and red tones, lounge areas and lamps. The food is delicious and the cocktails will make you stay here all night long.

cafe des espices

Earth cafe - real vegan
The only restaurant that it's absolutely vegan in Marrakech. The space is simple but super colorful, with several rooms in pink, blue and yellow tones. The atmosphere is good to relax for a while and the staff is lovely.

earth cafe vegan food marrakech
earth cafe vegan food marrakech

Namazake sky lounge - simply the best
This was our last dinner in Marrakech and it couldn't have been better - Sushi time! I know it sounds weird but it was really the best sushi I've ever eaten! With a Japanese chef who prepares sushi especially for you, we ordered a vegan assortment and vegetables in tempura. I could have stayed there all night to delight myself! The panoramic view is excellent and if you would like to try shisha, this is the place to do it!

vegan sushi in marrakech namazake sky lounge
marrakech namazake sky lounge vegetable tempura
namazake sky lounge sushi bar marrakech

Be aware that alcohol is not served in all restaurants in Marrakech, from the list above you can find alcoholic drinks in Cafe Arabe, Kozybar, Cafe des epices and Namazake sky lounge. All restaurants have vegetarian and vegan options and if you advice the staff of any food allergy you have, they are super helpful and friendly! I love it when food is not a barrier in travel, right!?