Nature: Essential For Our Wellbeing

how nature influences our self-growth

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Nature has been in my life since my childhood and I know it will always be until my last day. Nature is where I feel most alive - strong as the waves in the ocean, safe as the roots of the trees, happy as the animals in the wild, free as the sand of the beach being carried by the wind.
There are a growing number of researches, studies and campaigns putting forward evidence that a connection with nature makes us healthier and happier people. I've experienced this connection my whole life and I absolutely believe that nature not only makes us healthier and happier, but it is also indispensable in our development as human beings. In fact, we don't need any study to prove the good that nature gives us, we just have to remember what makes us different from everything else - emotions.

Emotions have a biological basis, they rule our daily lives and we give responses according to the way we feel. Nature influences our emotions, the way we see ourselves, others and the world. Who never felt pleasure when walking in the forest, seeing the colors of the rainbow or watching the clouds moving in the sky? I'm sure we've all felt great happiness with nature and each of us has his own favorite moment that give you that feeling you can not put into words.. (Mine is the sunset!)

Relaxation, happiness and other positive emotions are driven by immersion and connection with nature. Emotions impact our body in a manner that cognition alone cannot, they provide the impetus for action and motivations. For our own well being, emotions need to be balanced and there's nothing better than nature to keep us balanced. Nature provides drive, contentment, connection, freedom and many other positive affects. When we are young, nature allows us to take risks and explore our own limits. On the other hand, when we grow up, nature helps us to relax, calm our mind and connect with ourselves. Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, contributes to your well being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate and the production of stress hormones. It also helps us cope with pain and life's demands and it also improves our mood.

What are you waiting for? Tired of working all day, stressed about all things you have to do and no time to actually live.. Get off the hamster wheel! Go to nature, take your time and enjoy the beauty of a forest, the calmness of the sea and the happiness of a sunrise! Let nature restore you and reconnect with your true self, let go all the negative thoughts and free your soul!

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty
— Albert Einstein