Exploring Marrakech - Episode II

menara gardens - exploring marrakech
marjorelle garden
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saadian tombs
saadian tombs

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After a few hours in Marrakech, you realize that this place is much more than culture, people and souks.
Marrakech is deeper - is the smell of tagines, the colours of the walls, the sound of the prayers, the skin burned by the sun and the heart filled with amazing moments. Marrakech is you, in the purest essence of your own being, in the limits that take you out of your comfort zone, making everything possible.
As I told you in the first episode (you can read it here), there is the old town (Medina) and the new part of Marrakech, where I stayed during my last 3 days. The contrasts between the old and new town are huge, so I recommend everyone to explore the best of both worlds - first the roots, the senses, the emotion and then the comfort, the sympathy, the freedom. In the new part of Marrakech you can find beautiful hotels, rooftops with lovely views and incredible gardens to really get lost..

Marjorelle Garden
A botanical garden and one of the most visited gardens in Marrakech. You can spend an entire morning here, trying to find more than 15 bird species (endemic to North Africa), relaxing with the many fountains and exploring the notable collection of cacti. The blue and yellow tones in this place made me feel super alive but what I liked the most was the many spaces to relax here and spend some time with yourself.

Menara Gardens
A spacious botanical garden with a beautiful view of the Atlas mountains and a lovely pavilion. There is a large pool that irrigates the surrounding gardens and orchards, with water that comes from the mountains. If you go to Menara gardens during the weekend, you will see lots of Moroccan families having picnics, playing with their children and enjoying the peace of the surroundings. The space is incredible for photographing or just relaxing.

Saadian Tombs and El Badi Palace
Saadian tombs are composed of three rooms, decorated with columns, cedar wood and stucco work. Here you can find the graves of the sultan Ahmad al-Mansur and his family. Outside the building is a garden and the graves of soldiers and servants. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit El Badi Palace because it was closed due to an event that occurred a few days before, so we only saw the outside.

If you have opportunity visit also the Atlas Mountains and La Palmeraie, beautiful views and an amazing oasis, not too far from the center of Marrakech. And especially in the new part of Marrakech, take advantage of the sun, the palm trees, the blue sky and the pools in the wonderful hotels, delight yourself with the food and enjoy the traditional massages.
Spend time with yourself and reconnect with yourself again. Marrakech is the perfect city to get lost and find your true self again!
Would you dare to get lost in Marrakech?