6 Things A Simple Life Gives You

We spend our days dreaming about a simple lifestyle, spending hours contemplating a lake, waking up with the hot sun on a beach or having a house in the woods .. but the reality is quite different. We live in a system of home-work/work-home, we wait for the weekend to be able to relax and count the minutes to have some freedom. A simple life is not simple to achieve, but it can give us the greatest happiness every day.
When you start to change your lifestyle to a simpler one, there are 6 things you won't miss:

You get closer to your authentic self, to the essence of who you truly are. You get to know your own strenghts and weaknesses and you start accepting yourself - desires, fears, personality, body, mind, soul and everything in between. When you accept yourself, you see the world with new eyes. You forget the prejudices and look at others with acceptance, open arms and warm heart.

You begin to see who and what is really important. You know not only what you want, but also what you need and your needs become priorities. You stop paying attention to what (and who) is not good for you and you dedicate yourself to what really matters. You have the time and space to explore these things further. And the more you explore, the better you feel, the happier you are.

Recent studies have shown that practicing gratitude helps improve well-being. When you simplify, you give value to small things - the times you spend with your loved ones, the walks with your dog, the home you've been building, the distance you can run.. You begin to absorb everything  that the surrounding environment offers you and you also start giving more.

This is valid at any part of the world, those who pursue a simpler life become healthier. By becoming simpler, you become more mindful of how you take care of yourself, what you eat, what you do, how you move your body.. The awareness of your surroundings bring awareness and simplification of your body. Less junk, less sedentarism, more whole food, more vitality, more health!

When you realise you need less than you have, you have more to give, and you actually give more. And this is not only about the stuff you have, you also start giving your time and your skills. You have lots of resources that can help others and you will feel the responsibility of making this world a better place.

The important things bring joy - the improved relationships and connections, the beautiful sunset, the new flavours on a plate, the small achievements. You will dedicate your time to appreciating those moments and to providing those moments to those around you. You will embrace your life with strength and every small change will bring you a ton of joy.

What about now, will you start to simplify?


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