Wake Up And Feel Powerful

wake up and feel powerful

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Mornings are the terror of humans. We hate being awakened by the alarm clock, not having time to get ready and lots of things to do. Well, I believe we put ourselves in this position. What is really wrong with the mornings? Anything! We are. We constantly adopt this mindset.
If we look at the big picture, mornings should be the happiest time of the day - the sun rises, the birds fly and we are energized for a new day. It all starts with the mornings. New decisions to make, new dreams to come true, new chances to try, new motivations and inspirations. So, it only depends on us. Mornings can be good (and actually great!) but you have to want it.
There is no magic recipe or miracle routine. We are all different human beings, with different needs and times. But we can definitely feel better if we get to know ourselves deeper. So I decided to share with you the steps I follow for a fresh morning and a great day.

Wake up and stretch while you're still in bed. The first thing I do in the morning is take some deep breaths into my stomach and imagine a bright white light that makes my body feel happy. I like to stretch my arms and legs using my breath, waking up every part of my body.

Sit comfortably in your bed and think of three reasons why you are grateful today. Every day we go to bed with the certainty that we are going to wake up the next day, but what if we don't wake up? After being wide awake, I like to think of what I am grateful for today - it can be the sun, my dog, my health, anything!

Set a goal for today, think about how to achieve it, and do it! Instead of seeing the day as a burden that you have to "get through", I like to see it as an opportunity to do something meaningful, different and beneficial. A goal can be to do 1 hour of yoga, tell someone how much you love them, go for a walk in nature, learn something new.. You choose what you want for your day!

Get out of bed, wash your face and smile. Smile a lot. Smile because it's a new day, smile because it's a fresh start, smile because you are alive and life is full of opportunities. Smile helps me build confidence and understand my natural beauty, in and out. Try it! Stand straight and smile at yourself, notice all the positive things you have.
Keep that smile on your face and positivity in your mind, remembering the goal you have to achieve. And enjoy life. This is all you have.