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house of wandering silk
house of wandering silk
house of wandering silk
house of wondering silk
house of wandering silk
house of wandering silk

Some brands enchant us only for their pieces, others for their story and the House of Wandering Silk enchants us for everything.. The idea was set up by Katherine Neumann, who was born to immigrant parents in Sydney, Australia. By her nineteenth year she had flown the family nest to study International Relations in Japan, where she first gain interest in fair trade, leading her to House of Wandering Silk.

House of Wandering Silk is a social for-profit company based in New Delhi, whose founding was based on the Gandhi- "there is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness". They work with a network of partners to hand craft and bring to market authentic, ethical and beautiful textile-based products using upcycled and hand made materials. But House of Wandering Silk actually consists of only two people: Katherine and Maria, who manage everything from product design, quality control, partner monitoring, website design and marketing! Their vision is to be a brand representing marginalised women producers and artisans from all regions of Asia, showcasing their full range of weaving and embroidery techniques and skills. House of Wandering Silk believes "authentic, hand made and traditional textiles have fascinating stories to tell about the artisan and her community's textile heritage. By sharing these stories in a transparent way, we believe our textiles can connect the worlds of maker and wearer."

house of wandering silk

At House of Wandering Silk, they believe people, skills and heritage behind each product are just as beautiful as the product itself. The stories deserve to be told, and they endeavour to be transparent as possible in the telling. They are story tellers.

Respect: Their work respects people and planet - using upcycled, handmade and vintage materials for their products and partnering with a careful selection of organisations and artisans to ensure that livelihood opportunities are offered to women who need it most - all artisans are fairly paid and well-treated.

Beauty: For the costumers, beauty in the aesthetic value of the products. For the artisans, beauty in the opportunities that open up to them through a dignified and secure livelihood and economic independence. House of Wandering Silk exists to create beauty for everyone.

House of Wandering Silk sells a curated collection of products online but their main business is wholesale, so they partner with some wonderful stores to bring their products to all corners of the world, from London to India! In their online shop, here, you can find amazing products from scarves to jewellery and clothing to homeware.

Each product comes with a story that makes you travel through the corners of this world. The materials are super soft, comfortable and beautifully made, something that you will want to use every day, whether for a more important event or simply to walk around your home! House of Wandering Silk makes possible a world of fashion with equality and equity, where everyone can be beautifully happy!


*This post was sponsored but all opinions are truly mine. Thanks to House Of Wandering Silk for making the world a better place.


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