My Wake-Up Call Movies

my wake-up call movies

We live our lives in our own routines, in our comfort zone, in our home. We rarely look at what's around us, and when do it, we never really realize what's going on.
You buy your clothes at the shopping center, the cosmetics at the pharmacy and the meat at the butchers. You use all the water you can at home and spend your money on the most beautiful gifts for those you love. But have you ever wondered where everything comes from and under what conditions? Don't worry about the answer, we have so much to worry about, right?! But at certain times in my life, I couldn't remain indifferent to the problems of consumerism, deforestation, or human/animal exploration. So I decided to share the videos that inspired me and made me change, because this can be your wake-up call!

An Inconvenient Truth
This was the first movie I've ever watched about the environment. I was 13 years old and I spent the whole night crying when I realized what we're doing to this beautiful planet! The documentary is presented by Al Gore and he explains everything about climate change - it's causes, effects and potential solutions. He lays out the facts for the audience, so we can draw our own conclusions. An Inconvenient Truth will make you feel responsible for the climate changes that are happening on Earth, and you are, we all are!

Prince EA videos
Richard Williams, better known as Prince EA, is an American rapper, music video director and rights activist. He has well-produced videos with strong words that make us think about how we spend our money, our time and our life in this world! Prince EA will also make you reflect about humanity, the planet and the future. My favourites are "Dear future generations: sorry" and "Man vs Earth".

Farm to Fridge
Released by Mercy for Animals, this 12-minute movie exposes the horrors faced by all the animals before they reach our plates. Farm to fridge will take you on an unforgettable journey behind the closed doors of meat, dairy and egg operations. They use arresting images recorded on hidden camera and puts into focus the harsh reality faced by farmed animals. Can you eat meat after that? I couldn't.

The True Cost
This is a story about the clothes we wear, the people who make them and the impact the industry has in our world. While the price of clothing is decreasing, the human, animals and environment are being forgotten, and the impacts are growing dramatically. It is filmed in countries all over the world, from the brightest runways to the darkest slums. I had to close my eyes on some of the scenes, because they were so sad and real. But fortunately, I was able to open my eyes to the true fashion world! The True Cost will make you reflect on what conditions the clothes you buy are made and it will make you wonder who really pays the price for our clothing?

You have lots of online information and there are hundreds of good movies to explore, like Cowspiracy or What Cody Saw Will Change Your Life, but now it's up to you, will you close your eyes again?


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