Redefine Luxury With Siku Moja Loungewear

siku moja lougewear
siku moja loungewear
siku moja lougewear

Siku moja is a loungewear brand that launched its first collection in 2016 and I'm already in love with its friendly approach to the planet and people. The founders of Siku Moja, Elly and Jo, had the dream of creating a place where the pace of life is not driven by trend or season but in a shared interest to live a more sustainable and balanced life, and that's how the brand was born. To represent their dream, future and journey, the founders chose the name Siku Moja, which means one day, in the language of Kiswahil.


Ethics, sustainability and the environment

At Siku Moja, they create beautiful, classic and timeless pieces with expert craftsmanship, with a style to wear today, tomorrow and every day. They design considerately and collaboratively, giving value to the environment and the people they work with. The products are made to last and the materials used are beautifully selected from ethical and sustainable sources, thinking about not only the present, but especially the future.
The brand build open and transparent partnerships with micro-businesses and small producers that specialise in handmade small-scale production, bringing value to everyone. They work together with partners and costumers, creating a balanced world and a sustainable society.



The materials used by the brand was one of the things that most captivated my attention! Siku Moja uses 100& organic cotton from a smallholding farm in Kerala, India, certified by GOTS. The cotton is made in small batches of 100 to 300 meters and woven by artisan weavers on small power looms. The brand also uses super soft 100% bamboo that is Oeko-tex certified. This means the processes involved in the production meet the environmentally friendly standards set by Oeko-tex. And last but not least, all their lace are sourced sustainably from either vintage finds or end of line off cuts. When they need to buy new, they do it from the last manufacture of lace in the UK.


Juma Pili Cami

Juma Pili Cami, the piece I'm wearing, is a classic and simple camisole, inspired by vintage pieces found in a second hand market in Moshi, Tanzania. It is made from 100% soft organic cotton voile with delicate lace trim. I have to say that the top is all I love, simple and comfortable. Can be used for sleeping, chilling at home or even for a relaxed everyday look. This is what I really love about their collection, pieces that do not follow the trends, designed today thinking about tomorrow.
Because we all have a responsibility to make a better tomorrow, right?


*This post was sponsored but all opinions are truly mine.
Thanks to Siku Moja for making the world a better place.


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